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Safe and convenient removal of wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last molars that normally develop between the ages of 17 and 25. Most people don't have enough room in their mouths to accommodate an extra set of molars, so dentists and oral surgeons recommend early removal to avoid oral health complications. Untreated wisdom teeth can cause tooth displacement, infection, tooth decay and more.

If your dentist diagnoses the presence of third molars, he will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for evaluation. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth due to a suspected wisdom tooth or if you have been referred to us, please contact our Lehi, UT office to schedule an appointmentDr Harris,Dr Park,dr brown,dr wood,Dr. Holladay, orDr Shiffler. We look forward to meeting you and helping you restore your oral health and function.

Benefits of wisdom tooth removal


At Utah Surgical Arts, our oral surgeons regularly perform third molar extractions. This procedure protects your oral health and prevents future complications before they even occur. It is not uncommon for an untreated wisdom tooth to grow sideways and become trapped under the gum. This is called an impaction, and an impacted wisdom tooth that is tipped toward the other molars can dislodge adjacent teeth, destroy roots, and damage nerves. An affected tooth is difficult to clean and can also cause cysts and tumors to grow around it.

Having your wisdom teeth extracted at Utah Surgical Arts in Lehi, UT can prevent these complications. When wisdom teeth develop on their own, they can cause the following oral health problems:

  • Swelling, stiffness, or tenderness near the back of the jaw
  • Bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth that indicates an infection
  • Irreversible caries or periodontitis
  • Healthy teeth misalignment or crowding
  • Increased risk of tumors and cysts
  • Buildup of bacteria that can lead to tooth decay

The procedure for removing wisdom teeth

Your consultation begins with a thorough examination of your mouth and jaw, during which your oral surgeon will review your medical history, perform 3D CBCT scans, and review your options.anesthesiaand security. This is also a time to ask any questions or raise any concerns you have about the procedure. The removal of wisdom teeth is usually performed with intravenous sedation, which puts the patient in a sleep state with no memory of the surgery.

Your procedure begins with your predetermined form of anesthesia and follows the individual treatment plan created by your oral surgeon. If you choose IV sedation, an adult must be present at the surgery during the surgery and you must be driven home afterwards. It is important that the adult stays with you for 24 hours and monitors you until the anesthetic wears off completely.

Exposed teeth can be easily removed with tweezers to pull them out. Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth may need to be fractured before being fully extracted. All incisions at the extraction site will be closed with sutures and you will rest comfortably in our recovery area until you are awake enough to be taken home.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Lehi, UT

The cost of third molar extractions depends on how many teeth you need to remove, the anesthesia you choose, and your insurance coverage. We will discuss all of this with you during your initial consultation and provide you with a cost estimate prior to treatment. At Utah Surgical Arts, we believe that excellent care should be accessible to all patients, so we work hard to make paying convenient. We accept several forms of payment and insurance plans. For more information or to make an appointment, contact our office. One of our staff will be happy to assist you.

AAAHC accreditation

Utah Surgical Arts is licensed byAmbulatory Health Care Accreditation Association(AAAHC). This accreditation is difficult to obtain and allows our practice to function as a hospital and/or surgical center. As major surgeries need to be performed in a surgical center, there are many cases in which the patient may not be able to undergo the surgery due to the high cost of the hospital or surgical center. When your surgery can be performed at Utah Surgical Arts, the cost savings can be significant. Many patients who were unable to have the procedure due to the high cost were able to have the procedure performed by Utah Surgical Arts.

types of anesthesia

Our surgeons at Utah Surgical Arts offer manyanesthesiaand sedation options for patients to choose from.

Hear from patients with wisdom tooth extraction

These patients can tell firsthand about wisdom tooth extraction in our practice.

Meet McKenzie in January 2022
Meet Kenzie February 2015
Meet ElizaAugust 2022
Meet JackJanuary 2016

more patients

Reviews from our wisdom tooth extraction patients

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lehi, UT | Comfortable tooth extraction (7)

Tiffany reviews her wisdom tooth removal procedure

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“My son had his wisdom tooth removed. He started to feel a lot of pain with his wisdom teeth, I think maybe they started to come in and he asked me to take them out. And the reason I came here is because he had a tooth here in his mouth, and when we met with Dr. Harris, we went through the procedure, looked at the tooth, looked at the x-rays, and he finally said he thought it was possible. My son had no swelling after his wisdom tooth extraction and his procedure was quick and easy. All of the surgeons I've met here have been very nice, very compassionate, and very understanding of my concerns as a parent. If a friend of mine in Alpine, Springville, Orem needed a wisdom tooth extraction, I would highly recommend Utah Surgical Arts.”

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lehi, UT | Comfortable tooth extraction (8)

Missy reviews her wisdom tooth removal procedure

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"Hi, my name is Missy, from Highland, Utah. My 14 year old son needed his wisdom teeth removed - they were growing the wrong way - so we called Dr. Park Practice. It was wonderful, she cried when we arrived but the staff soothed her. Dr. as we could have expected. We did everything Dr. Park's practice told us with freezing and medication and she healed very, very well. Drs are coming and I know we would be in good hands when we bring my daughter for us. For any family or friends looking for a great doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Park for this procedure.”

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lehi, UT | Comfortable tooth extraction (9)

Christian reviews his wisdom tooth removal procedure

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"How are you? I'm Cristina. I live in western Utah and had my wisdom teeth procedure done here at Utah Surgical Arts. When I first walked in, it was very welcoming. The staff here is great. The doctor I've had was fantastic, very genuine, nice, just a really nice guy. My healing after wisdom teeth removal went really well. My overall experience here was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend Utah Surgical Arts."

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lehi, UT | Comfortable tooth extraction (10)

Merri reviews her wisdom tooth removal procedure

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"We came to Dr. Park because my boys needed their wisdom teeth and their dentist encouraged us to get it done. We walked into the clinic and Dr. Park was very thorough, very friendly and relaxed, tried to connect personally with my son, tried to talk to him about his hobbies and interests what he likes and just tried to calm him down and alleviate any anxiety Dr Park was very thorough in explaining before and after what happened and how they did it and they monitored it all the time. The staff was very friendly, very kind and willing to help. They are very helpful on the phone when I called and we were very happy. I would recommend Utah Surgical Arts to anyone."

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Lehi, UT | Comfortable tooth extraction (11)

Matthew reviews his wisdom tooth removal procedure

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“My name is Matthew, I'm from Provo and I came to Utah Surgical Arts to have my wisdom teeth removed. When I walked in the door, there was a pretty calm atmosphere here. The doctor was very professional and I felt in good hands. The staff are very nice and friendly. They reassured me by acting very professionally and as if they had done this before. It was a quick and easy recovery procedure. My overall experience here was great. To my friends and family here in Provo, the doctors at Utah Surgical Arts are amazing."

common questions

How much does it cost to remove my wisdom teeth?

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction will depend on the number of teeth to be extracted, choice of anesthesia and insurance coverage. We will discuss all this with you during your consultation and provide you with an accurate cost estimate prior to treatment.

Are impacted wisdom teeth harder to remove?

Impacted wisdom teeth are more difficult to remove and can increase the risk of complications after surgery. Therefore, it is important that this complex procedure is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and not by a general dentist.

What if food gets into the wisdom tooth hole?

We will provide you with detailed post-op instructions to guide you through the recovery process. It is important to follow a bland diet to avoid dry socket and rupture of the surgical site. You can also gently brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm salt water to remove food particles.

Does wisdom tooth removal change the shape of your face?

After wisdom tooth surgery, you may experience temporary changes to your face, such as bruising and swelling, but these can be treated with ice packs and will disappear after a few days. Wisdom tooth surgery will not permanently change or change the shape of your face.

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