The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview (2023)

Prince Harry went on aextensive media blitzto promote your next releasememory substituteon Sunday with the broadcast of two in-depth interviews that were broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic.

In pre-recorded interviews, the royals sat down withAnderson CooperProCBS'60 minutesand Tom Bradby for the ITV specialHarry: To interview.

The actual revelations made in these interviews provoked reactions both in the mainstream and on social media. The revelations range from the Prince discussing his "dangerous" stepmother Camilla's tactics to secure the Queen Consort's crown, to claiming thatMeghan Marklenever calledracist royal familyin the couple's 2021 interview on Oprah.

On here,news weekcomplete the top ten bombstormentof60 minutesUnseen interview and revelations from his chat with ITV's Bradby.

The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview (1)

William pretended not to know Harry at school

One of the main subjects Harry discussed with Anderson Cooper on Sunday's special60 minuteswas from the kingstrained relationship with his brother,Prinz William.

Wanting to dispel the prevailing public notion that Meghan Markle had entered his life and her close relationship with William was collapsing, Harry told Cooper that the couple were never as close as they seemed.

Cooper questioned Harry about the particularly "cutting" comments he made about William in his memoirs, including finding his brother's baldness "alarming" and that he lost his physical resemblance to their mother.Princess Diana.

"I don't see it as cutting," he replied. "You know, my brother and I love each other. I love him very much. There has been a lot of pain between the two of us, especially over the past six years."

Evidence of how the couple went completely separate ways is the revelation that William wanted nothing to do with his younger brother at school, despite Harry's desire to be together.

In Harry's own words:

Tanoeiro:"Your brother told you, 'Pretend we haven't met.'

Torment:"Yes, and it hurt at the time. I couldn't understand. I said, 'What do you mean? We're in the same school now. I haven't seen you in years, we can hang out. He says, 'No, no, no, when we're at school we didn't know each other.' And I took it personally. But yes, you're absolutely right, you nailed it. We had a very similar traumatic experience, and so we dealt with it in two very different ways.

The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview (2)

I stopped seeing graphic photos of Diana's death scene

Another important focus of the interview with Cooper was the emotional trauma Harry suffered after the death of Princess Diana when he was just 12 years old.

The king described how then-Prince Charles broke the news to him that his mother had died and how he was only able to cry once during her funeral service.

After years of emotional repression, the prince describes how he asked a driver to take him through the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris at the same speed as his mother's car was when he was goingcollided with one of the pillars of the tunnelem 1997.

He then told Cooper that in his 20s, through a private secretary, he had requested the secret government files on his mother's death, which included photos of her moments after the accident.

The secretary, he said, removed the most graphic content, for which he will always be grateful.

(Video) Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's 'Spare' Press Tour

In Harry's own words:

"All I saw was the back of my mother's head - slumped in the backseat. There were other, more horrific pictures, but I will be forever grateful to him [private secretary] for denying my ability to hurt myself by seeing that. Because that's what stays in your memory forever.

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Doubts about Diana's investigation

In 2008, an official inquiry was convened to investigate the circumstances of Diana's death, in an attempt to dispel a growingconspiracy theories set, which were partially repeated by Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Fayedprincess's friendwho also died in the car accident that took his life.

The events were examined in detail and published in a report entitled Operation Paget. The investigation concluded that the Princess had been the victim of an unlawful homicide as a result of "negligent driving" of paparazzi vehicles that were chasing her at the time of the accident and that the driver of the car in which she was traveling, Henri Paul, exceeded the legal limit of alcohol in the blood at high speed at the time of the accident.

In his interview with Cooper, Harry says he was told that the events leading up to Diana's death were like a "bicycle chain", where removing one link would have a different end result.

He also said he had doubts about the investigation's findings but did not know what the benefits of reopening the case would be.

In Harry's own words:

Torment:“William and I have considered reopening the investigation. Because there were so many gaps and so many holes in it. Which just didn't add up and didn't make sense."

Tanoeiro:"Do you still want to do this?"

Torment:“I don't even know if that's an option right now. But no, I think…brrrr…would I like to do that now? That's a hell of a question, Anderson.

Tanoeiro:"Do you think you have the answers you need about what happened to your mother?"

Torment:"To be honest, no. I don't think so. And I don't think my brother does that. I don't think the world does. Um... do I need more than I already know? No, I don't think it would change much."

The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview (3)

'Dangerous' Camilla sacrificed Harry for positive PR

A member of the royal family whoface the harshest treatmentof Harry in his memoirs and interviews is his stepmother, Queen Camilla.

(Video) The biggest bombshells from Prince Harry's interview with "60 Minutes"

Camilla's public image, which was maligned during the collapse of Charles and Diana's marriage, has changed enough over the past two decades for the British public to accept her.Queen Elizabeth IIFebruary 2022 announcement that she would beknown as "Queen Consort"when Charles ascended the throne.

Harry insists that part of Camilla's public relations turnaround meant other family members were essentially thrown under a bus to make it happen - with him among them.

In Harry's own words:

Tanoeiro:"You wrote that she launched a campaign in the British press to pave the way for marriage. And you wrote: 'I even wanted Camilla to be happy. Maybe she would be less dangerous if she was happy. How dangerous was she?"

Torment:"For the need to rehabilitate its image."

Tanoeiro:"Did that make you dangerous?"

Torment:"It made her dangerous because of the connections she made with the British press. And there was an open willingness on both sides to exchange information. And with a family built on hierarchies, and with her on her way to being queen, that's why that people or corpses would be left in the streets."

What difference would giving up titles make?

A major criticism of Harry and Meghan since retiring from royal life and moving to the United States is that, despite no longer working with the monarchy and publicly criticizing its key figures, they still retain their titles of Duke and Duchess of Use Sussex.

Cooper addressed why the royals chose not to give up the titles, to which Harry gave a noncommittal answer.

In Harry's own words:

Tanoeiro:"Why don't you relinquish your titles of Duke and Duchess?"

Torment:"And what difference would that make?"

Jeremy Clarkson Helped Prove the Point About Meghan's Media Attacks

Harry specifically referred to a recent report published in the UK.newspaper disputeduring his discussion with Cooper about an opinion column published inThe sunJournalist and broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson's tabloid in December.

Clarkson wrote about her "dream" of seeing Meghan paraded through the streets "naked" while being humiliated and bombarded with excrement over allegations she had recently made.NetflixThe documentation.

Clarkson's comments werewidely condemned by politiciansand celebrities withThe sunissue an apology and Clarkson stated that sheGame of Thrones "awkward" reference.

Harry said the violent words proved his and Meghan's point that the British media was toxic.

In Harry's own words:

(Video) The Biggest Revelations From 60 Minutes and Prince Harry's Other Bombshell Interviews

"Did it surprise me? Isn't it shocking? Yes. I mean, thanks for proving our point."

The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview (4)

Royals did not invite Harry on a private flight to the Queen's deathbed

One area of ​​discussion with Cooper that touched on Harry's recent interactions with the royal family focused on his experiences during the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry and Meghan were in the UK in September 2022 when the Queen's health drastically deteriorated. The prince says he discussed plans to travel to Scotland with Prince William, but was later surprised when his family boarded a jet to fly to Aberdeen Airport, near Balmoral Castle, without inviting him.

In Harry's own words:

Torment:"I asked my brother - I said, 'What are your plans? How do you and Kate get there? And then a few hours later all the family members who live in the Windsor and Ascot area jumped on a plane together, one plane with 12, 14, maybe 16 seats."

Tanoeiro:"Weren't you invited on this plane?"

Torment:"I was not invited."

Don't talk to Charles or William

When asked by Cooper how his relationship with members of the royal family is now, Harry described how he hasn't been in touch with his father King Charles nor his brother Prince William recently.

In Harry's own words:

Tanoeiro:"Are you talking to William right now?

Torment:"Not at the moment. But I'm looking forward to it… I'm looking forward to finding peace. I would…"

Tanoeiro:"How long has it been since you spoke?"

Torment:"More time."

Tanoeiro:"Are you talking to your father?"

Torment:"We're not - we haven't spoken in a while.

I never said royalty was 'racist'

just like in60 minutesaired, Harry made a series of revelations to British viewers in his interview with ITV's Tom Bradby, two of the most important of which were about race.

When asked by Bradby about the comments Meghan made during the interview with the coupleOprah Winfreythat a member of the royal family had become insensitiveComments on the skin color of the couple's future children, Harry insisted that they never said the comments were racist.

(Video) Prince Harry on his family's reaction to his relationship with Meghan Markle | 60 Minutes

After the Oprah interview, William was asked if his family was racist, to which he respondedrare public denial.

In Harry's own words:

Bradby:"Some things, [in the book] you talk about responsibility, in Oprah's interview you accused members of your family of racism, you don't even..."

Torment:"No, I didn't... the British press said so."

Bradby:"To the right..."

Torment:"Did Meghan ever mention that you are racist?"

Bradby:"She said there were disturbing comments about Archie's skin color."

Torment:"There were concerns about the color of their skin."

Bradby:"Right. Wouldn't you call that essentially racist?"

Torment:"I wouldn't do that because I wouldn't have lived in that family."

The Biggest Bombshells From Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview (5)

Amor pelo Palace Race Storm Courtier

Another unexpected comment about race and racism was made by Harry to Bradby, relating to a recent incident involving an elderly courtier.racially insensitive comments to a charity boss.

At an event at Buckingham Palace in NovemberMrs. Susan Husseyreiterated charity head Ngozi Fulani, where she is actually from, although Fulani said she was British.

Fulani took to social media to discuss the interaction that led to Hussey leaving his role in the house. Both Fulani and Hussey suffered abuse on social media and subsequently met at the palace in December.Hussey apologizes for the comments and Fulani accepts.

Addressing the incident, Harry insisted that Hussey was not a racist but had an "unconscious bias" that was common in palace circles.

In Harry's own words:

"All we [Harry and Meghan] have asked for in recent years is some responsibility. And I am delighted that Ngozi Fulani is being invited to the palace to sit down and reconcile with Lady Susan Hussey because Meghan and I love Susan Hussey. She thinks that they're great. And I know she never meant it, but the reaction from the British press and people on the internet to the stories they wrote was terrible. The reaction was absolutely terrible."

James Crawford-Smith istnews weeksreal reporter based in london. You find it inTwitterno@jrcrawfordsmithand keep reading your storiesnews weeks The Royals' Facebook page.

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What did Prince Harry say on 60 Minutes? ›

In his first interview for American audiences, Harry told Anderson Cooper that “Spare” gives “a full picture of the situation as we were growing up, and also squashes this idea that somehow my wife was the one that destroyed the relationship between these two brothers.”

What was the Prince Harry interview about? ›

Prince Harry sat down for an extensive interview and talked about his hopes of reconciling with his family. "Forgiveness is 100% a possibility because I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back. At the moment, I don't recognize them, as much as they probably don't recognize me," he said.

How much did Harry get paid for his book? ›

Harry is rumored to have received a $20 million advance for his latest venture, controversial tell-all Spare, which debuted earlier this month and sold more than 1.4 million copies on its release day, surpassing the 887,000 first-day copies shifted by former President Barack Obama's 2020 memoir to become the fastest- ...

How many people watched Prince Harry's interview? ›

11.2 Million Viewers Tuned In To Prince Harry's '60 Minutes' Interview.

Does 60 Minutes pay for interviews? ›

NBC says it pays sources only to license home video, photographs and other personal material and does not pay for interviews.

What did Harry say in the interview? ›

In his interview with 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper on CBS, Harry said Camilla was seen as "the villain" and described her as "dangerous". "She was the villain. She was the third person in their marriage. She needed to rehabilitate her image," he told Cooper.

What did Buckingham Palace say about Harry and Meghan? ›

In the wake of Harry and Meghan's 2021 Oprah interview, Buckingham Palace issued a brief statement on behalf of the Queen saying she was “saddened” to hear of the couple's struggles and they were particularly concerned by allegations of racism.

Who supports Harry and Meghan? ›

Annual income

In the financial year 2018-2019 (the first year of their marriage), Charles' Duchy of Cornwall estate paid more than £5m to cover the public duties - and some private expenses - of the Sussexes, and of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant made up the other 5%.

What did Prince Harry actually do in the Army? ›

During Prince Harry's 10 years in the Army, he undertook two operational tours of duty in Afghanistan and qualified as an Apache Aircraft Commander. He reportedly discloses in his autobiography, Spare, that he killed 25 people in his role as an Apache helicopter pilot during his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

How rich is Prince Harry? ›

Prince Harry has a net worth estimated at $60 million, according to wealth tracking website Celebrity Net Worth.

Does Prince William get a salary? ›

Back when he worked with the Royal Air Force, William earned a salary of $73,000 a year. Nowadays one of his main sources of income is via the Duchy of Cornwall, which made profits of $26 million in 2020 and $24 million in 2021.

Where do Harry and Meghan get their money? ›

Since the establishment of The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 95 percent of the funding received for their Office expenditure is derived from income allocated by HRH The Prince of Wales, generated through the Duchy of Cornwall.

Has Prince Harry watched the crown? ›

On Tuesday night, the Duke of Sussex stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where he revealed that he also binge-watches The Crown with Google open.

How many Americans watched Harry and Meghan? ›

Nearly 1 million households watched in the United States during the first day of release, according to Samba TV, which measures TV viewership. In Great Britain, the episode drew 786,000 households, which is remarkable—the country has way fewer households than the United States yet nearly matched the American audience.

How many questions are asked in a 60 minute interview? ›

One question I get a lot is how many interview questions to ask when you're interviewing candidates. Five to six is about the right number, assuming your interview is about an hour long.

How many interviews do you go through to get a job? ›

While there's no average number of interviews before getting a job, most companies interview the most successful candidates between one to three times. Entry-level jobs tend to involve one face-to-face interview after the initial telephone interview, while senior roles may require more.

What is a good interview pass rate? ›

Generally, the interview pass rate should be around 30–50%. A lower pass rate means a recruiting team doesn't vet candidates thoroughly before the interview.

What did Prince Harry say about Camilla in Spare? ›

Harry even doubled down and elaborated on the “dangerous” description during a recent 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, saying: “She was the villain, she was a third person in the marriage, she needed to rehabilitate her image.

What Prince Harry said about Kate? ›

Harry speculates that Kate was “on edge,” as she was now “going to be compared to, and forced to compete with, Meg.”

What did Prince William do to Harry? ›

Prince Harry claims he was physically attacked by his brother William during a row in 2019 over his marriage to Meghan Markle. Sky News has obtained a copy of Spare - the Duke of Sussex's highly anticipated book - days before it was due to hit the shelves.

Who is more popular Harry or William? ›

Overall, when asked which member of the Royal Family they like the most, Americans' top three are Prince Harry (25%), the Princess of Wales (22%) and Prince William (17%).

What did Harry say about Camilla being Queen? ›

And there was open willingness on both sides to trade of information. And with a family built on hierarchy, and with her, on the way to being Queen Consort, there was gonna be people or bodies left in the street because of that,” Prince Harry said.

What did Prince Harry say to Prince William? ›

William allegedly called Markle “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive,” to which Harry replied that his older brother was parroting false media narratives. Harry accused his brother of “acting like an heir,” and the two exchanged insults.

Who is richer Prince William or Prince Harry? ›

So there you have it folks, Prince William's net-worth surpasses Prince Harry's net-worth by at least ten times over. "His net worth was estimated to be about $40 million (£34 million), which isn't too shabby. However, his net worth has skyrocketed by $1.3 billion (£1.1bn), taking his total net worth up to $1.34bn."

Is Harry still considered a Prince? ›

While they are no longer working members of the royal family, Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle still hold the royal titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which were bestowed upon them when they married in 2018.

How much money has Archewell donated? ›

The charity released its first impact report on Sunday, revealing that it has raised $13 million in the first year following its formation in early 2020 and has given away $3 million to causes of particular importance to the two royals, including vaccine equity, supporting women-owned small businesses, and aiding with ...

Did Harry actually fight in Afghanistan? ›

Prince Harry served in the British Army for 10 years. He completed two tours of Afghanistan, one spanning 2007 to 2008 and the other from 2012 to 2013. He achieved the rank of captain in 2011 and qualified as an Apache Aircraft commander.

Did Harry get special treatment in Afghanistan? ›

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Both Harry and the Royal Family were insistent that he receive no special treatment. Harry served two tours in Afghanistan that began in secret.

Can Prince Harry rejoin the Royal Family? ›

Prince Harry has described how he “can't ever get out” of the royal family, but he does not believe it will ever be possible for him and the Duchess of Sussex to return to the UK as working royals.

What did Prince Harry say in Oprah? ›

Harry said he spoke at length with his grandmother about his desire to take on a “reduced role” within the Royal Family, contradicting reports in the press that the Queen was “blindsided” by the couple's decision. “I've never blindsided my grandmother,” Harry told Oprah. “I have too much respect for her [to do so].”

What did Prince Harry say about the Queen today? ›

"She was globally admired and respected. Her unwavering grace and dignity remained true throughout her life and now her everlasting legacy.

What is Prince Harry complaining about? ›

Prince Harry has accused the Royal Family of failing to defend his wife Meghan in the controversy over a Jeremy Clarkson newspaper column. In an ITV interview, the Duke of Sussex said the "silence is deafening" about the "horrific" Sun article last month.

How long was the speech at Harry's wedding? ›

To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser. The Most Reverend Michael Curry stole the show at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with a sermon clocking in at 14 minutes.

What has Prince Harry said about Diana? ›

Prince Harry said his late mother Princess Diana would have been “heartbroken” to see how the relationship between her sons Harry and Prince William has broken down, Harry said in an interview with Good Morning America that aired Monday, a day before his controversial memoir Spare is officially released.

What does Harry think about Diana's death? ›

Harry didn't believe Diana was dead, he told Anderson Cooper. "For a long time, I just refused to accept that she was— she was gone," Harry said. "Part of, you know, she would never do this to us, but also part of, maybe this is all part of a plan."

Does Harry get money from the Queen? ›

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan no longer receive money from the Royal Family, and earn their income from commercial arrangements.

What did Prince Harry say about Camilla? ›

Prince Harry Says Camilla Isn't an 'Evil Stepmother. ' His Memoir Begs to Differ. Camilla and Harry stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Colour on June 13, 2015 in London. In tales of princes and princesses, the trope of the wicked stepmother is timeless.

Does Harry keep in touch with the Queen? ›

Harry and the Queen keep up to date on his life and his children, Archie and Lilibet, via video calls.

What did Harry call William? ›

Harry refers to William as his “beloved brother and archnemesis” in the book, words he stands by in a teaser for his upcoming Good Morning America interview with Michael Strahan, adding: “There has always been this competition between us, weirdly. …

What was the royal family response to Harry and Meghan? ›

In the wake of Harry and Meghan's 2021 Oprah interview, Buckingham Palace issued a brief statement on behalf of the Queen saying she was “saddened” to hear of the couple's struggles and they were particularly concerned by allegations of racism.

Did Oprah attend Prince Harry's wedding? ›

When Harry and Meghan tied the knot, Oprah was among the esteemed guests in attendance at the ceremony. "It was more than a wedding, I thought," she later told ET of the royal wedding.

Did Harry and Meghan go to the reception after the service? ›

However, those hoping to see the couple in the spotlight for a little longer may have been disappointed as they did not attend a reception following the service at London's Guildhall.

Who was Harry's best man? ›

Prince Harry has also revealed that William was not his "best man" at the wedding. Prince Harry has also revealed that he chose "old friend" Charlie for the role of best man.


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