The 10 Best Episodes Of The Magicians According To IMDb (2023)

In 2015, Syfy brought an exciting new show to television.the sorcerers, inspired by a series of novels, used themes fromharry potterit's himThe Chronicles of Narniabut he applied them to adults in their 20s who were pursuing a degree program in magic. An infusion of pop culture, riveting relationship dynamics, musical numbers and high-stakes missions made the show a dream come true for fantasy fans. Renewed for a fifth season, the series returns with new episodes in 2020.

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users ofInternet Movie Databasethey can rate movies and TV shows as soon as they are released. For TV shows, users can even rate individual episodes. Ratings range from one star (worst) to 10 stars (best). After more than 50,000 reviews,the sorcerershas the first ten episodes of the first four seasons, ranging from 8.3 to 9.6 stars.

It's definitely true that some series just get better with time. Just one of the highest-rated episodes ofthe sorcerersIt comes from the second season. Neither makes the season 1 roster. The series has consistently built a solid foundation to have even better episodes each season.


The Bad News Bear S4E09 (8.3)

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Ranking noticeably lower than the rest of the top 10, this episode feels like an outlier. It's still prime time weaving many separate stories into one giant plot.

"The Bad News Bear" features most of the characters paired up to perform separate tasks. While Margo and Josh travel to Fillory to offer Bacchus to the god who inhabits Eliot's body, the others are equally busy. We have Alice bonding with Santa in the library, Penny and Kady bonding over fake magic letters, and Julia watching over Quentin as he literally holds off the bear of bad news for everyone's luck.

With so much going on, fans still got some surprisingly emotional moments with all the couples.

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Divine Elimination S2E03 (9.0)

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"Divine Elimination" gets its name from Ember's rude act with the magic fountain. Other than that, this episode isn't lighthearted or funny. It's the kind of episode you'd expect from a season finale. It was only the third episode of the second season! That's probably why it's in the top ten.

In the episode, Julia teams up with the Beast to face the god who attacked her. Of course, he does this while using Marina as bait and while Quentin and his magical friends in Fillory plot to bring the beast down. As a result, Julia is too late to save Marina, and Quentin is too late to stop Alice from burning her own soul to defeat the beast. The huge risks in the writing provoked a huge emotional response from fans and a stellar episode.

Twenty-three S3E11 (9.0)

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After all the talk of time loops and alternate timelines from the show's first two seasons, fans get a taste of it in this episode. The series revisits Timeline 23. In a previous episode, Julia met Alice from Timeline 23, but this time, she and Josh actually visit the other timeline.

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While there, they meet the other versions of Josh, Quentin (now the Beast!), Alice, and the ghosts of Eliot and Margo, Penny and Marina. Josh and Julia team up with Josh, Marina and Penny from the alternate timeline to stop the Beast and get the key he's been hiding. They also inadvertently bring Penny and Marina back into their timeline with them, something fans across the world are grateful for.

All That Shiny Hard Armor S4E10 (9.0)

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One of the best team decisions behindthe sorcerersalready done was to include musical numbers in their shows. It can make even the most difficult circumstances seem lighthearted and fun. That's exactly what happens in this episode.

While Quentin, Julia, Penny, Alice and Kady work hard on Earth to find a way to save the possessed Eliot, Margot is alone in the kingdom with Fillory. Recently banished from her kingdom (and leaving Fen in charge), she ends up hallucinating some musical numbers in the desert on her personal quest to find a way to save Eliot. As Margot sings to discover that men in a desert group hold great women's secrets, Alice and Kady discover that the library is hiding things from wizards. There are a lot of reveals in this episode, all offset by some fantastic music.

Six short stories about Magic S3E08 (9.1)

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Although most episodes ofthe sorcererssplit into several smaller stories, this episode is the first time the title acknowledges him. Fans went in knowing exactly what they were going to get. As usual, all six stories tie into the same quest from Season 3: the quest for the keys.

Julia and Fen discover that the McAllister family are keeping fairies as slaves and using their crushed bones to create a magical drug. Penny works in the underworld and library to locate a lost key. Kady, Quentin, Harriet, Victoria and Poppy take a magical bridge to enter the Library. Through the connection of these stories, we can also see that Cassandra of the Library (as in the ancient prophet no one heard) could be Alice. Harriet, the woman who thinks magic and knowledge should be free, is also the head librarian's daughter. So much information has surfaced in so many stories!

A Filorian Candidate S3E12 (9.2)

The 10 Best Episodes Of The Magicians According To IMDb (6)

As the hunt for the keys begins to wane, audiences tease the monster to come. They are also given many seemingly unrelated plot pieces that connect to the quest.

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Alice is working for the Library, which is dissatisfied with Julia's divine status. Julia's power continues to grow. She is even capable of growing an entire forest of trees. Meanwhile, in Fillory, when Margo and Eliot try to make a new deal with the fairy queen, she refuses because they aren't royalty. This leads to her attempt to rig an election, which doesn't exactly go as planned. However, Margo ends up being chosen for the position of High King for being on the good side of the talking animals.

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This episode took a lot of chunks to get to the final key. Each brought the group one step closer to returning magic to the world, but also an intense new villain.

Escape the Happy Place S4E05 (9.2)

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If anyone has ever wanted a chance to get inside Eliot's head, this episode is for you. While much of the episode focuses on Julia, Quentin, and Alice's plan to get rid of Eliot's being, the most interesting part of the episode is seeing how Eliot sees himself.

Trapped in his own mind, Eliot seems to be living the good life in Brakebills. However, when the part of the previous host left in his head appears, Eliot discovers that he can still regain control of his body. All you have to do is find a door in your worst memory. Eliot discovers that his worst memory is actually one with Quentin. When Quentin approached him about starting a relationship, Eliot, out of fear, refused. It's a heartbreaking moment, but it allows Eliot to take control of his body long enough to show Quentin he's still there.

The episode opens up a whole new path for Season 4, as now it's not enough just to get rid of evil, but the group must ensure Eliot survives.

Be Penny S3E04 (9.3)

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Fan-favorite character Penny tragically died during astral projection in an earlier episode. Of course, since she was in astral projection, Penny wasn't technically dead. This episode gave fans an hour with him as he tried to figure out what to do without a body and none of his friends knowing he was still technically alive.

Penny gets to see how her friends would react to her death. Although it pains her that no one seems to be grieving, she forgets that everyone has too much to do and not enough time to process her grief. Everyone is still looking for the magic keys. It isn't until Eliot obtains the key to the truth that anyone knows Penny's spirit still lingers. Of course, by this time, he's already decided to burn her body and head to the underworld!

Everything Josh S3E09 (9.4)

The 10 Best Episodes Of The Magicians According To IMDb (9)

For a long time, Josh was a supporting character on the show. "All That Josh" thrust him into the spotlight as he returned to his quest.

He accidentally ended up in a version of the world where a god fed on people's happiness. Alice, Kady and Quentin also end up there in the episode and have to save the day. While they are busy doing that, Julia is busy trying to help the fairies, and Eliot and Margo are about to be executed after being removed from Fillorian thrones.

It turns out that Josh only got to this reality thanks to finding one of the keys. It's the key to unity, leading to a fantastic rendition of "Under pressure” by the entire main cast, as they are all linked telepathically. Their unified music helps them out of their respective difficulties. It's a little ridiculous, but it works surprisingly well.

A daily life S3E05 (9.6)

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Highest-rated episode ofthe sorcerersis responsible for over 10,000 of the reviews the show has received on IMDb. It's easily the most popular episode of the series, but also one of the most well crafted hours.

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Like many of the show's best episodes, there are a lot of stories to process. Most of the main characters are paired off in different aspects of their quest. However, it's Eliot and Quentin who hook viewers.

The two undertake a parallel quest for a key that involves creating a mosaic. Your search takes decades. The two friends live next door to each other, grow old and raise a child together. Eliot and Quentin develop true feelings for each other. Due to the fantastical nature of time travel, everything technically takes place in another universe that they initially only remember parts of. It's touching and heartbreaking, speaking to the depths of the relationships between the series' characters.

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