Overcoming the Spirit of Fear - 11 Bible Lessons for Living Faith (2023)

Do you have big dreams? I mean gigantic dreams. Dreams and desires that you are sure God has placed in your heart. I mean the kind that's bigger than your bank account. The kind that make your heart race, your palms sweat, and your legs go weak. I mean the kind that scares you.

And because you've been feeding the fear, you've gotten nowhere with those dreams. Frustrating. Good? Though you are a believer, you have been turning your wheels. The beginning of the end of this begins today. It's time to really apply the Word andovercome the spirit of fear biblically.

This post will teach you how to use the Word as a weapon in the spiritual warfare against fear.

Let's dive...

What is the spirit of fear?

There are two definitions of fear in the Bible. One has to do with reverence. When Scripture says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", it refers to respecting God.

To recognize that He is the all-powerful creator and ruler of your life is to fear God. That's not what this post is about today. The second definition is where we set up our store.

The word fear appears in the Bible over 500 times. But the first time we encounter the idea of ​​fear is in the first book of the Bible: Genesis.

Adam and Eve lived in a perfect world. Such perfection we can only try to imagine. But even so, our imagination is still so low that it is still not enough to capture even the essence of the perfection they had.

And then came Satan.

He deceived Eve and through her both sinned.

Fear enters.

After they sinned, God came to them on what seemed like a routine visit. They were not in the usual place where God would meet them.

But the Lord God called the man: "Where are you?" “I heard your voice in the garden,” he replied, “and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid myself." Genesis 3:10

Since then, the human race has been plagued by fear. And I mean tormented.

Fear has come out of the forest for all of humanity. The Bible has many stories of people who struggled with fear for a variety of reasons.

And that's why Paul wrote to Timothy

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7).

The endspiritin this context comes from a root that literally meansbreathe. Wordtemercomes from a word that meanstemerofrightoterror. So when the Bible talks about the Spirit of fear, it literally means that you are breathing in and out of dread, fear and terror.

Having a spirit of fear is not a good thing. The idea presented in this verse is of one who is cowardly. Someone shy. This means that your state of fear is constant and consistent. It's like the skin you're walking on. Fear becomes its very essence. You walk. Speak. Drink it. With the. Put it on. put him to sleep

God has absolutely nothing to do with the state of being. The scriptures say that instead he has given us a Spirit of power, love, and self-control.

However, fear isAlwaysgift. It never goes away. All your fears have their own story. See if you identify with any of these Bible stories.

What causes fear according to the Bible??

The human race has struggled with fear ever since sin entered the world. Sometimes the fear is legitimate in the sense that your past experiences have taught you that there is indeed something to be afraid of. But fear can also be purely something made up and spread by your mind or imagination.

We can turn to the Bible for some real examples of both. Let's see what the Bible says about what causes fear. I'm going to use some biblical stories about fear to illustrate my points.

Sudden loss of a predictable life.I've talked about this before. Adam and Eve. Fear of her stemmed from their innocence being ripped away from them. His world literally changed in one day. Suddenly, his eyes widened at the fact that they were physically naked. Suddenly, they realized how terrible it is to live outside of God's will. Suddenly, your world has become unpredictable. Did they have good reason to be afraid? Absolutely. It's easy to get scared when your life suddenly changes due to a catastrophic event.

Having to step out into the unknown.Fear can creep in when you are asked to step out into the unknown. This was the reality of Abraham. When you have to leave the comfortable and familiar behind, it's sure to make your mind race and imagine all sorts of things.

when you realize You have to fight.Life can feel like a battle, and sometimes the battle can feel overwhelming. Such was Joshua's reality as he faced the battle of Canaan for the 400-year God-given blessing promised to the Israelites. I was overwhelmed and scared.

Feelings of unworthiness and incompetenceMoses is one of the greatest leaders in the Bible, if not the greatest. Who else walked the desert for nearly 40 years with around 2 million people? This was no ordinary task. However, Moses did not jump or click his heels when God called him to be Israel's savior. The opposite. He found all the reasons in the book. He complained that he was "slow on the talk".

Don't forget that Moses was raised royalty and received the best education Egypt had to offer. And now he was talking about all his weaknesses and inadequacies. He also knew that he had killed a man in cold blood because of his own rage. It will make anyone cower before God.

When you see your enemies closing in on you and bad memories of unpleasant experiences.This was the case with the dramatic confrontation at the Red Sea. These Israelites had already been traumatized by the injustice and brutality of the Egyptians.

Those bad memories were fresh. At the Red Sea, you could literally see them coming in with guns drawn to cut you down. They were not warriors. They were not prepared to fight. They were scared. And for good reason, too.

When God Gives You an Important Task. Solomon had been given the responsibility of building the temple. This was an incredible responsibility. Not a common task if you ask me. What a burden Solomon had! 1 Chronicles 28:20

feelings of discouragement. The prophet Jeremiah knew discouragement all too well. In fact, he is affectionately called the weeping prophet. God called him to a life of difficult ministry. And he felt that God had tricked him into the ministry.

Other doors that fear passes through can be insecurity, love of comfort, forgetting how God has led in the past, loneliness, exhaustion, inflexible thinking, letting your imagination run wild, low self-esteem, not knowing who you are. Christ.

This list could go on. I'll talk a little more about that later.

But I think you get the point. Fear is no friend of the human race.

Whatever the cause or source of your fear, there is no real freedom in living in fear.

God requires and encourages us to depart from such a place.

And here are three reasons why…

What does the Bible say aboutresiliencethe spirit of fear?

It is necessary for salvation.

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the fornicators, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars, will be sent to the fiery lake of burning brimstone. This is the second death." Revelation 21:8

This is a hard truth. To think that the fearful are among the murderers and liars. Scary. But it is necessary for eternal salvation that we give up fear. One of the main reasons is that just before Jesus returns, we will all have to choose between God and Satan.

(Video) How to Have Faith Stronger than Your Fear | Tony Evans

Facing persecution for our choice will not be easy. And that's why we'll have to be bold.

It is necessary for your peace of mind and mental health

Peace I leave you; I give you my peace. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not be troubled your heart, do not be afraid. Luke 14:27

When you spend time consumed by fear, the peace Jesus made available to you cannot reach your heart.

It is necessary to claim their blessings.

Did I not send you? Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for Jehovah your God will be with you wherever you go. Then Joshua commanded the officers of the city, Go through the camp and say to the people, 'Prepare your provisions. Within three days you will cross the Jordan here to go in and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you as a possession. Joshua 1:9-11

Notice how Joshua goes into action? Life is a gigantic spiritual war. Blessings from him are on the other side of a battle that God has promised to help him fight. But you have a role to play. And that part includes putting aside fear and moving forward with determination and strengthened by faith in God.

Scary Bible Stories and What We Can Learn From Them

If you're going to overcome fear biblically, you've got to know your Bible. Read it. listen to this.study it. Look at it. Write in a journal.

Saturate Your Life with the Word.

How does the Bible say to overcome fear and anxiety? Let's go into the Bible and see some lessons we can learn to help us overcome fear with God's help.

1.take responsibility

In 1 Kings 20 there is a story that made me laugh when I first read it. If you know Ahab, you know he was king in Israel. His wife was Jezebel. They were quite a couple.

Then 33 kings and their armies threatened Ahab. They demanded ownership of their wives, children, gold and silver. Initially, Ahab relents and gives them permission to take whatever they want. (We will not go into the ethics of the time). But when the king threatened to violate his boundaries by searching his palace and breaking into it, Ahab imposed limits.

But what I found interesting is that Ahab didn't seem to think he had a responsibility to fight. Listen to the story for a few seconds:

Meanwhile, a prophet approached Ahab, king of Israel, and declared, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Do you see all this great army? Behold, I will deliver him into your hand this very day, and you shall know that I am the Lord.'” “By whom?” asked Ahab. And the prophet answered, Thus saith the LORD, 'By the junior officers of the district governors.'" "Who will start the battle?" asked Ahab. "You will," replied the prophet. (1 Kings 20:13-14)

You would think that since all of his family and property was about to be taken away from him, Ahab would be happy that victory was handed to him on a platter. You would think he would volunteer to lead the combat squadron to ensure the safety of his life, his family and his legacy.

But not! Suddenly this fight for YOUR blessing belongs to someone else. It doesn't even make sense.

If you are going to overcome fear, you must first recognize your responsibility. Overcoming fear is like a battle because fear is always lurking outside your heart's door. It's nobody's fight, just yours.

God has promised to deliver you from it, but you have to start the battle. Nobody can do it for you. No one but you knows what's at stake if you don't step out and overcome the fear that grips you.

You could lose what you were promised if you don't. Own your fear. This is the beginning of your journey.

2.face your fears

The story of Gideon is one of the most powerful stories about the blending of fear and faith. You can read it in Judges 6.

Gideon was called upon to rescue Israel at a time when they were being persecuted by neighboring nations. And they were also outnumbered. I find it interesting that when God approaches Gideon, he complains that God would never care about them because of all they were putting up with. However, when God told him to start the process of changing things, he was afraid.

So Gideon took ten of his servants and did as the Lord told him. But because he was scared of his family and the townspeople, he did it at night instead of during the day. (Judges 6:27)

Overcoming fear must start from within. One of the reasons Israel was being abused by neighboring nations was because they had been unfaithful to God. Gideon first needed to conquer his fear of calling them to justice before God gave him a greater task.

Face 3 huge armies.

Gideon was so afraid that even though he clearly heard the voice of God, he asked for a sign. Twice. As if that weren't enough, God reduced his army from over 30,000 men to just 300!

How was he supposed to defeat the 3 armies combined with 300 men? But God would not let him back down. He had to face his fears.

Yet how beautiful is God. He said to Gideon:

“If you are afraid to attack, go down to the camp with your servant Purah and listen to what they say. Afterwards, they will encourage you to attack the camp.” Then he and Purah, his servant, went down to the outposts of the camp. (Judges 7:10-11)

Once again, Gideon could have chosen not to, but he faced his fear and received the encouragement he needed to move forward in the fight.

The story ends with that huge army turning against each other. It was a massacre of epic proportions!

The point is that if Gideon had chosen not to accept God's call, Israel would have continued to be harassed.

His decision to face his fear not only led to his family's freedom, but also empowered him to continue fighting other armies. Your freedom from fear gave others permission to give up their fear as well. If you read history you will see that when the 3 armies were being conquered, other tribes of Israel joined the fight where before all fled and hid.

See, the moment you face your fears once, you have the power to do it again and again and again. Because bravery breeds bravery. Trust breeds trust.

3.Sal de tu zona de confort

Peter was a young and impulsive disciple of Jesus. He was also quite daring. Perhaps it was all these characteristics that made him a good example of how to conquer fear biblically.

You see, Peter, along with the rest of the disciples found themselves in a situation. After a day full of miracles, they were now in the middle of a storm on the lake. All night!!

Jesus was watching them from the beach until the early hours of the morning. So he decided to cross the lake by walking on water.

When the disciples saw him, they didn't realize it was him. In fact, they thought he was a ghost. At that time, there was a belief that ghosts lived underwater, so their thoughts were in line with the times.

But Jesus never does things that go along with the latest thoughts and beliefs.

As soon as fear took hold of everyone, Jesus said to them: “Do not be afraid. This is me."

Impulsive, precocious and daring, Peter decides to forego the safety and comfort of the ship to put this information to the test.

You see, earlier that day, everyone saw Jesus feed approximately 15,000 people with just 5 loaves and 2 fish. They KNOW that Jesus could do ANYTHING.

(Video) Fear Is Not From God | Joyce Meyer

But only Peter was willing to challenge himself to actually act on that knowledge.

"If it's you," says Peter, "tell me to come."

Pedro was willing to face his fear of this storm they found themselves in leaving the comfort of the boat. I'm not even sure the boat was that comfortable. After all, they were in a storm! But it sure is safer than getting into the cold, crazy, wild water.

But here's the thing: Peter was sure that even in the midst of the storm, he might be uncomfortable, but he would be safe.

Because I was with Jesus.

So he could trade his fear for faith. And you can do the same. Overcome fear by moving out of your comfortable or uncomfortable place where Jesus asks you to go.

Overcoming the fear of God requires giving up comfort and security.

4.Remember your last miracle

And speaking of Peter getting off the boat. As I mentioned earlier, the disciples ended up in a storm after witnessing an entire day of miracles.

You would think that after seeing all this they wouldn't be afraid. Good?


It was clear that as they struggled to stay afloat all night, all day miracles were not on their minds. In fact, the Bible says they forgot.

So he got into the boat with them, and the wind ceased. They were completely astonished, because they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts hardened. Mark 6:51-52

If you want to overcome worry, you must make a concerted effort to remember how God has helped you in the past.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

You don't have to fear the future unless you forget how God has led you in the past.– Elena of White

Hebrews 13:8 says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

When you feel fear, go back and remember how God appeared again and again.

And it's because of thatjournaling is such a powerful spiritual tool. It helps to do this when fear wants to creep in. You will have an easy way to remember.

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5.Focus on the facts of your situation

Often, there is no truth in what we fear. Many of the things we fear aren't even really real.

Take the prophet Elijah, for example. He was too scared to face Ahab and his cruel wife Jezeebel. Your reason?

Then Elijah said to them, I am the only one left of the Lord's prophets, but Baal has four hundred and fifty prophets. 1 Kings 18:22

It felt like it was the ONLY one in Israel. He said this more than once.

He replied, “I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty. The Israelites rejected their covenant, tore down their altars, and slew their prophets with the sword. I'm the only one left, and now they're trying to kill me too." 1 Kings 19:10

He felt that he was the only one obedient to God. But was this true?

You are welcome.

In fact, God told him otherwise.

However, I reserve seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him. 1 Kings 19:18

It is interesting that Elijah felt this way after a very glorious experience on Mount Carmel, where God appeared with such power that the hearts of the people were turned to true worship. Elijah needed to keep the truth before him.

I was NOT alone. God never leaves his anointed ones to fend for themselves. He does not promise tranquility, but he promises his presence.

What lie are you believing that is causing fear to take over and crowd out your faith? Spread these lies. What is the truth to fight them? What promise of truth from God do you need to claim?

6. Get some rest

Let's go back to Elijah.

It seems incredibly frustrating for Elijah to fall into such deep fear and depression after such a heightened spiritual encounter on Mount Carmel.

But wait. Don't be so quick to judge.

You see, intense spiritual experiences can be very exhausting. They pull you physically, mentally and emotionally. They can make you feel really, really tired.

There is no doubt that Elijah was exhausted after the confrontation on Mount Carmel. So it makes sense that when Jezebel threatened him, he was emotionally drained and dry. Tiredness will make you forget who you are in Jesus. It will make you forget the power of God's truth over your life.

Overcome your fear by getting some rest.

If you read Elijah's story, you'll recognize that God's focus was on feeding him and allowing him to sleep. He laid Elijah to rest. For days.

And then he reminded him of the truth that he was not alone. At that point, Elijah was able to really pay attention to what God was saying because his mind had cleared with proper food and rest.

Your mental health is closely linked to your spiritual and physical health. If you are struggling to overcome fear, review the habits that keep you from sleeping, resting and eating properly.

(Video) "How To Overcome Fear" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Very Powerful Word)

Burnout is no joke. It can steal your joy, your peace and your faith.Are you suffering from exhaustion??

7. Join a community

Elijah was not alone. But, he was alone. For much of his history, there is no interaction between him and another human being. And when there is, he doesn't share any information about his deepest feelings or fears.

Fear can engulf you when you feel alone because your mind will run away with you. It's easy for your brain to fill in the blanks and build a whole story around your fear. A whole story that isn't even true.

You do not believe me? Control your thoughts and you will see.

You can get help with this if you find a community. In a community of like-minded people who are on a similar journey, you can be open about what is bothering you. You will have people who will understand your fears.

But that is not all.

They will help you reflect on your fears and guide you in questioning the legitimacy of those fears. You will receive encouragement and support to persevere, even if you have to live in fear.

The Hebrew Children and Daniel found the strength to let go of fear because they could support each other. Life in Babylon was hard! But they had community. A community that helped them create a story of faith about fear in an environment where greed, jealousy and rancor threatened to destroy them just because they believed in the God of heaven.

Conquer fear by joining a safe community.

8. Reframe your view of yourself

The story of the 12 spies is one of my favorites. This is a very powerful example of the power of fear and the dire consequences of not trading fear for faith.

The Israelites had just left Egypt. They had witnessed the incredible miracle of the Red Sea and the terrible destruction of the Egyptians.

Now was the time to claim what God had promised for hundreds of years. The twelve spies entered the land of Canaan and returned with a very negative and damning report.

Why? They were scared.

But where does this fear come from? Listen to them:

We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We looked like locusts in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them." Numbers 13:33

Did you understand? They said they looked like insects.in your own eyes.

Talk about negative self talk!

Their fears arose purely from their perception of themselves. It was never a matter of who God said they were. It was never about having the backing of the God of the universe.

Their focus was on themselves. Your thoughts. Your feelings.

Oh man! They urgently needed to reformulate their thinking. They really needed to rebuild their view of themselves in light of God's grace and promises. It was absolutely necessary to discard everything they thought the Canaanites thought about them.

Because none of that was true.

Besides, whatever the Canaanites thought was none of their business. It didn't matter. Not even a but.

What negative thoughts about yourself do you walk around with that are fueling your fear? Do you feel carried away by what other people think of you? Contrast them with the truth of who you are in Christ. Reframe them with Bible-based positive affirmations.

9.Weigh the pros and cons

You know the story of the lepers in 2 Kings 7? They teach us a very practical lesson in overcoming fear with biblical principles.

Bear in mind that in Israel, lepers were outcasts. Once someone was found to have the disease, he was banished to live on the fringes of society, feeding on whatever he could find. They were lucky if they had relatives who were kind enough to bring them food.

It seems that was the case for these four. But the fate of the Syrian army was in their favor.

You see, these men were hungry. Starving actually. Hunger is a powerful motivator, I tell you.

While out of town, knowing full well that food was on the other side of the wall, they realized they had two options. Hear them explore:

If we say: "Let's go to the city", the famine is there and we will die. And if we stay here, we'll die. Then let us go to the camp of the Arameans and surrender. If they forgive us, we live; if they kill us, we will die." 2 Kings 7:4

Did you get it?

Let's keep it simple. They said, "If we go into town,it couldto die. But if we stay herewillpowerto die. Either way, we face death. So which path are we going to choose? We must choose the one whereit coulddie or the one where wewillpowerto die?"

They had a very logical conversation about the ins and outs of their situation.

Their conversation can be summed up by one question: If we take that leap of faith, what's the worst that can happen? You can do the same. Then, after thinking of all the possible outcomes, dive in as you cling to God's promises.

10Get rid of insecurity

King Jeroboam was a captain in the army of Israel, but he was also the son of a widow. He had no real rights to the pitch, as was the custom at the time. He was not played because he was born of a king.

Your story is the opposite. He came from what we often call humble beginnings. He became a ruler because God raised him to that status.

And he said to Jeroboam, Take ten coins for yourself; for thus says the Lord God of Israel: Behold, I will tear the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon, and will give you ten tribes. (1 Kings 11:31)

Despite this, Jeroboam lived in constant fear of losing his kingship. She always seemed to feel like she didn't belong. Threatened by Rehoboam, whose father was Solomon and who had every right to be expelled as a descendant of David.

Can anyone say imposter syndrome?

What did Jeroboam do because of his fear stemming from his insecurity?

jEroboam thought to himself, “The kingdom will now likely return to the house of David. If these people go up to offer sacrifices in the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, they will return their allegiance to their lord, Rehoboam king of Judah. They will kill me and go back to King Rehoboam. After asking advice, the king made two golden calves. He told the people, “It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem. Here are your gods, Israel, who brought you out of Egypt. One installed it in Bethel and the other in Dan. And that became a sin; the people came to worship one at Bethel and went to Dan to worship the other. (1 Kings 12:26-30)

The power of insecurity will lead you to make decisions out of fear.

(Video) Living With Fear & Walking By Faith - Bishop T.D. Jakes

Have you ever tried to keep a relationship that you feared losing by giving in sexually?

Have you ever decided not to speak up for yourself because you felt unworthy of your blessings?

Have you ever found yourself in the position of making a decision simply out of fear of losing money, a friendship, or something you feel is important?

Well, you have company with Jeroboam.

Free yourself from insecurity. If God has blessed you, there is no need to feel that your blessings have been illicitly purchased.

You belong where God himself has placed you. And no amount of planning on the part of your enemies can change that.

But you can. You can be the main ingredient in deciding whether or not to allow your fear to dampen your faith in God.

Make your decision from a place of faith. Without fear. That's what God expects you to do.

11Do what you're doing anyway

Fear will always be as present as the air you breathe. Sometimes you have to push while feeling the fear.

It's called scaring.

The woman with the issue of blood is our example. She was scared. But more than that, she was desperate. Being sick and in constant pain and being excluded or mistreated by society are great motivators. Besides, now she was broke.

The passage of Jesus was his opportunity. If she allowed him to miss her then she was looking to live the rest of her life in poverty and social abuse.

She needed to seize the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity! Tweet it!

She kept her fear under her tongue and pushed her way through the crowd.

And what do you know? Jesus felt his touch. Not your physical touch. Their hearts touch. Your touch of faith. Your touch of belief and confidence.

Because that's what it takes to get God's attention. Remember Hebrews 11:6 says that God will reward those who seek Him.

If you can't get rid of fear, move on. Do it with fear.

Bible verses about overcoming fear

Since we are talking about deliverance from fear using the Word, here are some Bible verses for overcoming the spirit of fear.

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; Don't be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you will be with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. - Psalm 23:4

Do not fear because I am with you; do not faint, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. -Isaiah 41:10

When I'm scared, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? Psalm 56:3-4

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. Because fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears has not been perfected in love. We love because he first loved us. -1 John 4:18-19

You will keep in perfect peace those whose mind is steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time, casting all your cares on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

Did I not send you? Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Do not be anxious about anything, but make your requests known to God in all prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

overcoming the spirit of fear dating

I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the victory over it. The brave is not the one who is not afraid, but the one who overcomes that fear. -Nelson Mandela

Fear: False evidence that looks real. —A stranger

Fear has two meanings: 'Forget everything and run' or 'Face everything and get up'. It's your choice. —zig ziglar

I've learned over the years that when someone is determined, fear lessens; knowing what to do removes fear. —rose parks

Both fear and faith demand that you believe in something you cannot see. You choose. –bob proctor

Feed your fears and your faith will starve. Feed your faith and your fears -max lucado

Basically, there are two paths you can take: faith or fear. It is impossible to trust God and not trust God simultaneously. –Carlos Stanley

Fear cannot exist in the presence of faith. Fear only exists because you feel you are not in control. Let go of the need to be in control, take a leap of faith and the fear will dissipate like mist in the morning sun. Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action builds confidence and courage. If you want to overcome fear, don't stay at home thinking about it. Go and find something to do. –Dale Carnegie

We must build dams of courage to stem the flood of fear.Martin Luther King hijo.

How do you pray against the spirit of fear?

Deliverance from the spirit of fear is not easy. You have to know the Word, act on the Word and also pray the Word.

Praying the Bible is an extremely powerful way to get deliverance from the spirit of fear. Here's a sentence to give you a starting point:

Father, I come to you to confess that I struggle with fear. Your word says if I confess my sins, you are faithful and just to forgive (John 1:). That's why I ask your forgiveness, walking in the safety of this promise. Your word says in 1 John 4:4 that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Lord, fear has replaced faith in my heart, but I pray today that you will regain your place on the throne of my heart. Your word says you give a spirit of power, love and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7). If you are in me, these gifts of peace will be mine. So, Lord, as you make me a new creation, the fearful old me is gone and the brave new me is being raised to new life (2 Corinthians 5:17). Lord, enable me to walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:17). And since you are doing something new in me, let courage well up within me and water the dreams and purpose you have placed in my heart (Isaiah 43:19). Uphold me with your righteous right hand, O God, and give me the strength and help you promised (Isaiah 41:10). In the name of Jesus. Amen

Sermon on Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Sometimes a sung sermon is more powerful than a preached sermon. I'm sharing with you one of those musical sermons. This is one of my favorite songs about fear.

(Video) Victory Over Fear– Dr. Charles Stanley

overcoming the spirit of fear and anxiety

Fear and faith cannot exist in the same space. This is different from doubt. Doubt makes you question. It doesn't make you disbelieve. Fear, on the other hand, destabilizes faith. Fear paralyzes you. But faith dispels fear. It's like darkness and light. Where one is, the other naturally cannot exist. One of the best ways to combat fear is through the Word, which the Bible describes as living and effective. It will help you to strengthen your faith. The Scripture says that faith comes by hearing the Word. Immerse yourself in it. They apply it. To recover. Overcome your fear using powerful biblical truths that you have extracted yourself.


How can believers overcome fear with faith? ›

By taking the following steps you can consistently overcome fear in difficult situations and tests:
  1. Read, study, meditate on the Word of God and trust in God and His Word.
  2. Remember WHO you are and WHOSE you are.
  3. Examine yourself. ...
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. ...
  5. Encourage yourself. ...
  6. Refuse to speak curses over your life.
Jun 8, 2015

How do you break free from the spirit of fear? ›

4 Steps to Breaking Free from Fear
  1. Face your fears. If you do not address your fears, they can accumulate with time. ...
  2. Acknowledge your fears. Most people like to pretend that nothing happened after a frightful experience. ...
  3. Communicate with your fears. ...
  4. Find a way to release fear.
Jun 26, 2019

What is the biblical teaching on overcoming fear? ›

Overcome Fear God's Way: Pray

The Bible instructs us to “[not] worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done” (Philippians 4:6, NLT). Not only are we taught to not worry or fear, but we are also told what to do instead of worrying: pray.

How can faith in God help you face your fear? ›

Take your fears to the Lord and allow him to work through them. It also gives you a chance to unplug and detach from the things that bog you down. Prayer brings you closer to God and gives you a deeper understanding of who he is – which, in turn, helps you put things in perspective.

How do you conquer the spirit of fear? ›

You can pray out scriptures as well whenever you are feeling fearful. Also, pray against that spirit or whatever limiting beliefs you are meditating on. Get to the root of what is causing you to fear. It is also good to pray that the Lord will give you the strength to overcome it.

What is the spiritual root of fear? ›

What is the root cause of fear in the Bible? The Spiritual root of fear is rooted in the fear of death according to Hebrews 2:14-15. Jesus came to “… release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.”

What are the four steps to overcoming fear? ›

Here are four steps to help you embrace your fear of failure and get what you want.
  1. Identify what you want. When you are overcome with fear, this is the time to pause. ...
  2. Realize what is stopping you from reaching what you want. ...
  3. Own your discomfort. ...
  4. Start feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable.
Jun 28, 2018

How do I surrender my fears to God? ›

Job 11:13-18 says, “Surrender your heart to God, turn to him in prayer, and give up your sins—even those you do in secret. Then you won't be ashamed; you will be confident and fearless. Your troubles will go away like water beneath a bridge, and your darkest night will be brighter than noon.

What are the six steps to overcome fear? ›

6 Strategies to Overcome Fear and Anxiety
  1. Step 1: Learn More About Your Fear. ...
  2. Step 2: Use your Imagination in Positive Ways. ...
  3. Step 3: Use Your Brain in a Different Way than Usual. ...
  4. Step 4: Focus on Your Breathing. ...
  5. Step 5: Practice Mindfulness. ...
  6. Step 6: Use Nature as Your Therapist.

What are God's promises about fear? ›

While fear is a common human experience, the Scripture's promise that God walks with the faithful at all times has heartened us to overcome our fears through the ages: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me” ( ...

What does God say about faith over fear? ›

Psalm 56:3–4

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can flesh do to me?” The Good News: If we are secure in our faith, there is nothing the world can throw at us that we cannot handle.

Has God given us a spirit of fear? ›

2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind - Scripture Frame - Bible Verse.

What are the 5 steps to conquer fear? ›

Here are the five necessary steps for converting fear into courage.
  • STEP 1: ACCEPT IT. PHIL: Fear never goes away. ...
  • STEP 2: IDENTIFY IT. BARRY: To leverage fear into courage, you have to be honest with yourself every time you're afraid. ...
  • STEP 3: FEEL IT. ...
  • STEP 4: FACE IT. ...
Aug 28, 2022

How do Christians let go of fear? ›

As a Christian, don't fight or wrestle with your fears, hand them over to Jesus, moment by moment. Take time to read through Romans 5:1-6 and 1 Peter 1:1-7. Take the opportunity to challenge yourself to grow deeper in your faith.

Can you have fear and faith at the same time? ›

It is not impossible to live in faith and fear at the same time. We can have faith in God, God's plan for us, and God's plan for the world but still struggle with our very human fears. Our fears are our insecurities, which, at their core, can always be traced back to a core fear and suspicion of God.

What are the five ways to keep faith when it seems impossible? ›

I took some time to reflect on how my faith guides me during my life so I could offer some guidance to you.
  • Maintain your faith at all times. I really don't separate good times or hard times from my faith. ...
  • Find practices that bring you peace. ...
  • Lay your struggles before God. ...
  • Rely on your support systems. ...
  • Find the good.
Feb 9, 2022

What are the 5 steps of faith? ›

The Five Steps are:
  • Who or what is God?
  • Who was Jesus?
  • The Cross – a tragic mistake?
  • Resurrection – can you believe it?
  • Holy Spirit – presence and power?

How do you keep your faith and stay strong? ›

Find prayers in the scripture and pray those on your own behalf. Praying will build your faith and help you to keep your eyes focused on the Lord, even in times of crisis. Meditation is powerful, especially for the Christian. Meditation is not some whimsical clearing of your mind.

What emotion is behind fear? ›

According to Smithsonian Magazine, “A threat stimulus, such as the sight of a predator, triggers a fear response in the amygdala, which activates areas involved in preparation for motor functions involved in fight or flight. It also triggers release of stress hormones and sympathetic nervous system.”

What are the 4 types of fear? ›

So what are the four types of fear?
  • Fight fear.
  • Freeze fear.
  • Faint fear.
  • Flee fear.

What are the five causes of fear? ›

Causes of Fear
  • Certain specific objects or situations (spiders, snakes, heights, flying, etc)
  • Future events.
  • Imagined events.
  • Real environmental dangers.
  • The unknown.
Nov 14, 2022

What are the 7 types of fear? ›

According to Soukup's study, the fear archetypes include: The Procrastinator, the Rule Follower, the People Pleaser, the Outcast, the Self-Doubter, the Excuse Maker, and the Pessimist.

What is the main goal of fear? ›

The main function of fear and anxiety is to act as a signal of danger, threat, or motivational conflict, and to trigger appropriate adaptive responses.

How do you let go of fear and control? ›

A few ideas:
  1. Practice mindfulness meditation to stay in the present moment.
  2. Use a positive affirmation as a source of inspiration and to control negative thoughts.
  3. Do what brings you joy, where you lose track of time.
  4. Spend some time outside in nature.
  5. Do some physical exercise that you enjoy.
  6. Practice mindful breathing.
Jul 8, 2021

How do I let go and let God take control? ›

How to Let Go and Let God, One Day at a Time
  1. 1) Identify what you can control—and what you can't. ...
  2. 2) Address what you can control. ...
  3. 3) Surrender what you can't control. ...
  4. 4) Meditate on the promises of your faithful God. ...
  5. 5) Choose a “letting go” motto. ...
  6. 6) Resolve not to act on fear but on faith.

How do I cast my worries to God? ›

How you too can cast your cares on the Lord…
  1. 1 – Call on Him. As for me, I shall call upon God, And the LORD will save me. ...
  2. 2 – Trust Him. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. ...
  3. 3 – Give it to Him. Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. ...
  4. 4 – Rest in Him.

How do you master your fear? ›

The six steps to master fear.
  1. Step 1: Identify your fear. From the exercise above, write down one fear you identified.
  2. Step 2: Embrace your fear. ...
  3. Step 3: Disidentify with your fear. ...
  4. Step 4: Identify and accept your worst-case scenario. ...
  5. Step 5: Do a reality check. ...
  6. Step 6: Create a fearless focus.

Can faith overcome fear? ›

Faith is not the absence of fear but rather the ability to face and overcome fear. As Christian leaders, we are called to take a stand for what we know is right and true. That's not always an easy thing to do. Obedience usually requires courage.

What does it mean to have faith over fear? ›

Having faith over fear involves considering the situation, weighing the options, and understanding the danger but then making the choice to fight through the fear and trust God anyway. It means pushing our fear to the side and replacing it with faith. Robert Hampshire Christianity.com Contributing Writer. 2022 15 Feb.

What is the meaning of faith over fear? ›

Faith Always Defeats Fear

Big or small, God is always greater. He is always there to stand by your side -- to help you face your fears and protect you in your weakest moments. He is so much stronger than any earthly thing. Remember that he has put you in this season for a reason and he will help you through it.


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