One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (2023)

One pieceThe anime Wano Arc has just started an epic battle, where Luffy attacks Kaido with a powerful punch which actually resulted in Kaido bleeding which shocked everyone. Now, fans are excited for what's to come as they expect an epic battle sequence to take place soon, starting with the Supernovas against Kaido and Big Mom.

WhileOne pieceis one of the most popular and beloved anime around the world, it inevitably has its fair share of bad episodes as it has released over 1000 episodes in 23 years. Unsurprisingly, most of them are filler episodes, which fans sometimes feel are a waste of time. If they don't advance the plot, feature pointless conflict, or just aren't fun, some episodes are best watched only once.


Episode 291 : Boss Luffy Returns! A dream or reality lottery problem - 6.1

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (1)

This episode takes place in Jipangu, an alternate reality inspired by feudal Japan, where the Straw Hat Pirates and Buggy Pirates live. The captain of the Buggy Pirates, Buggy, tries to sell Rika into slavery to pay off Pandaman's debts, believing that Pandaman is Rika's father.

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It is a filler episode and is part of episode 2.Boss Luffy's Historical Arc. Fans are disappointed with how this episode is suddenly placed in the middle of a heated battle during the Ennies Lobby Arc, right after Chopper starts to rage in his battle against Kumadori, a member of a rogue group, CP9.

Episode 492: The Strongest Relay Team! Luffy and Toriko's Tough Fight! -6.0

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As the title says, this episode is a cross betweenOne pieceyToriko. In this episode, Luffy and Toriko meet on Hungry-la Island. where there are exclusive animals just for this episode. They also eat Multi-Fruit (a fruit from Toriko's world), after rescuing Komatsu and Nami from the Cocoalas that kidnapped them.

While it's great to see characters from other anime inOne piece, the episode really has no significance to the overall story. A likely reason why the episode received a poor rating was because it was released shortly after the episode.Marineford War, where fans watched the deaths of two fan-favorite characters, Ace and Whitebeard(and Luffy nearly died).

Episode 1005: The Power of the Ice Oni! A new version of Plague Rounds! -6.0

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (3)

Several events take place in various locations on the floating island of Onigashima in this episode. On their way to the Emperor, Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe fight Kaido's minions. Queen infects allies and enemies with a virus that turns them into ice monsters. The pods hit Kaido with a weaker version of Oden's signature technique, which didn't do much.

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While the episode seemed to have improved on its infamous pacing compared to previous episodes, it still felt much slower even compared to the manga. Some scenes considered unnecessary and filled in by fans are still present in the episode, most notably when the pods attack Kaido together, and flashbacks to his time with Oden are shown repeatedly.

Episode 896: Side Story! Shock! Luffy against the king of carbonation! -6.0

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Luffy faces Cidre in this episode, who is equipped with his most powerful carbonate gear. Afterwards, Luffy is invited to the Pirate Festival, and the former members of the Cidre Guild offer the Straw Hat Pirates numerous barrels of glue for free. The Straw Hat Pirates travel to Delta Island for the Pirate Festival, where they learn that a race will be held for Gol D. Roger's treasure.

Along with Episode 895, this is another filler episode that serves as a prequel of sorts toUm: Stampede Pieces. It is set shortly after the events where Luffy meets Tama, a girl Ace met on his journey to Wano. Fans really didn't like that this episode was released out of the blue after an emotional scene in episode 894 where Luffy reveals Ace's death to Tama.

Episode 881: Going into Action! The Relentless New Admiral of the Fleet- Sakazuki- 6.0

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (5)

The episode's narration takes place in New Marineford, where Sakazuki, the new Fleet Admiral of the Marines, learns that Admiral Fujitora has gone to Mary Geoise.Admiral Ryokugyu, the mysterious admiral, so he is ordered to send him away. Meanwhile, former Fleet Admiral Sengoku describes the events of two years ago in Impel Down and Marineford.

While the episode can't really be considered a filler episode, it doesn't add a lot of new information to the series either. While the beginning contains new content, the rest of the episodes are just flashbacks to events from previous arcs, albeit better animated. This left fans bored, especially those waitingWano Arcfor.

Episode 590: History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Sea Glutton - 5.8

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (6)
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This is the first episode whereOne piece,Toriko, youDragon sphereEveryone collaborated at the same time. Various characters from all three animes compete in the Tastiest Under The Heavens tournament organized by the International Gourmet Organization to win the legendary Carat Sizzled Cattle. They must survive various obstacles filled with traps and monsters in a winner-takes-all race for survival to get the meat.

In addition to the main characters, secondary characters such asTorikoda Sunny e Komatsu eDragon sphereVegeta and Piccolo appeared in the crossover episode. While it's fun to watch a cross-over episode between various animes, it can be overlooked entirely, and some fans feel it's a waste of time, which has led to its low ratings.

Episode 1007: Chasing Zoro! Ice Oni Tag - 5.8

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (7)

As the attack on Onigashima Island continues,one of the most powerful villains, Kaido, and your minions are busy fighting the alliance. All-Star Queen is still infecting everyone with a virus. On the other hand, Kaido is fighting the Scabbards, and Tobiroppo Sasaki's forces are fighting Yamato, who remembers Kozuki Oden's death.

like severalWano Arcepisodes, fans complained about how slow this episode is. Reasons include several scenes that take longer than necessary (like Queen's dance), redundant flashbacks about Oden being shown again, and several minutes of scenes that didn't even exist in the manga that happen in this episode.

Episode 1006: I Won't Forgive Him! Chopper's Determination! -5.8

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (8)

In this episode, Yamato is still running after Shinobu and Momonosuke to convince them to be allies. On the other hand, Shinobu fears that, as Kaido's daughter, she could put Momonosuke in danger. Meanwhile, Queen continues to infect enemies and allies alike with her virus.

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Again, fans generally disliked the poor adaptation of manga content in this episode (although it's more so here than in other episodes). Also, despite the title having Chopper's name on it, Chopper only appears for one minute in this episode, and it wasn't even during the climax. These factors contributed to its low rating.

Episode 292: A Great Rice Cake Run at the Castle! The Red Nose Plot! -5.8

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (9)

The Grand Mochimaki Race, a celebration of capturing a Mochimaki with a large treasure inside, takes place in this episode, but Buggy has a plan to steal the treasure before the festival starts. Zoro finally obtains the prized Mochimaki, but discards it.

It is a filler episode, like Episode 291, and is part of both episodes.Boss Luffy's Historical Arc. Fans aren't satisfied with how this episode throws itself into the heart of a heated battle during the Ennies Lobby Arc, right after Chopper has started attacking CP9 member Kumadori. Thankfully, her next episode is a canon episode of the Ennies Lobby arc.

Episode 336: Chopperman to the Rescue! Protect the TV station on the coast! -5.5

One Piece: 10 worst episodes, according to IMDb (10)

In this episode, Chopper Man and Namifia are broke. Meanwhile, Dr. Usodabada devises a plan to overthrow Chopper Man while gaining renown and forming a new team to replace his uncooperative partners, Sanjilops and Zorogilla. Your goal is to gain control of the television channel and broadcast your demands live.

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The episode takes place beforeone of the weirdest arcs in One Piece, heArco de Thriller Barc, where the team meets Brook for the first time. Aside from being part of an 11-episode filler run, the reason for the low ratings is that fans think the episode is a bit too sad and childish and a complete waste of time.

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