Kitesurfing in Saint Martin | Heimat am Meer (2023)

Kitesurfing in Saint-Martin

Get ready to experience your newest favorite kitesurfing destination

Kitesurfing in Saint Martin | Heimat am Meer (1)

Saint-Martin: your ultimate kitesurfing experience!

Who never dreamed of itKitesurfing in warm turquoise water? The kind of scenery you see in travel magazines, where people are reveling in paradise, holding their kite in their left hand and a coconut cocktail in their right. Well, we have wonderful news for you, that unattainable dream is really easy to achieve!

And of course the goal is...Saint Martin!

Saint-Martin is still not the best known Caribbean island for kitesurfing, but its reputation in this matter is not fairly judged. Which is great for us as we can ride alone in perfect spots most of the time ;)

We havemany stainsavailable with different properties, for exampleall tastes and all levels. Flat water in a crystalline lagoon, open sea area, waves... choose and we have it!


Warm water, crystalline sea, sunny days, gentle wind, ideal orientation: St. Martin has it all.

Most of the time all famous world kitesurfing peaks are the places where you can find a thermal wind that comes up at the same time every day and subsides in the afternoon. It's really comforting to trust a good wind when you go on a kitesurfing trip... And that's why they are so popular.

But being famous doesn't always mean being great!

Saint-Martin doesn't have that kind of wind. But during the winter period (December to April), which is also our high tourist season, strong winds are part of everyday life in Saint-Martin.

Average wind strength during this time is between 15 and 18 knots. The months of April and May are usually calm and the wind tends to return to the island regularly in July and August.

constant wind,

ideal water, perfect climate.

WINDSASON IN ST. kingfisher


(December 15th to April 15th)


(Video) Bummeln in St Martin & wechelhaftes Wetter auf der Ile de Ré // VANBERLOS Vlog #7

Our winter in summer in terms of temperature, but also comes with strong winds most days.

From 18 to 25 knots.


(April 15th to June 30th)


During this time of year, the wind is more erratic and less consistent than the rest of the year.

From 13 to 16 knots.

summer season

(July 1st to August 30th)


Our summer is ideal for kitesurfing! The island is also less crowded and the spots are almost empty.

From 15 to 18 knots.

hurricane season

(September 1 to November)


Our low season is not the best for kitesurfing in terms of wind... But also because it is our hurricane season.

Attention ! This information is subject to change and is not a perfect science. As always, Mother Nature leads the way.


Kitesurfing in St. Martin with the perfect gear, in the perfect size.

You might be wondering what size kite to take or rent for your kitesurfing holiday in Saint-Martin.

In and around Saint-Martin we use the same kite size all year round. The size of the kite used depends on the most important:

  • Your weight
  • the force of the wind

In our "friendly island" wind speed doesn't change much. Regularly

  • Females use a kite size between 7 meters square and 9 meters square.
  • Males, on the other hand, use a kite size between 10 and 12 square meters.



Below you'll find all the reasons why St Martin should be at the top of your kitesurfing destination list.

1. Hot weather

The average air temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees (Celsius) throughout the year. Forget coats, long-sleeved shirts, pants... you can only pack t-shirts, shorts and bikinis; That's all you need here! And like the Caribbean Sea, well... get ready! Our beautiful sea temperature is between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius, which makes kitesurfing quite comfortable with shorts for you and light bikinis for you girls 👙

(Video) Egypt Kite Cruise

2. Caribbean Water

The beauty of a place depends above all on the beauty of the water... And here we are pampered with our crystalline, turquoise water. No session passes without doingHigh fives with sea turtles,jump under stingrays and roll over colorful fish. In Saint-Martin we don't share our place with hundreds of kitesurfers, only with the picturesque underwater world.

Not that bad!

3. Average wind strength and good orientation

The wind force in Saint-Martin is medium, so it compensates accessible to everyone and at all levels. Also, most of our spots have aOnshore-Windand they are therefore very safe.

No matter what happens, the wind will always push you back to shore.

4. Attractive Points

We have many great spots and they are all just a few minutes away by car or... kitesurfing for the more adventurous of you. We do it 😊

Below you will find our map of all the kitesurfing spots available in Saint-Martin with a description, location and specific advice.

5. Kitesurf-Community

With the 3 kitesurfing schools on the island and the community of local kitesurfers (like us) you will always find someone to answer your questions. Whether on the beach in front of the start or right on the peaks, everyone will be friendly and happy to receive the new members of our group!



Saint-Martin belongs to the golden triangle of three islands:Saint-Barth, Anguilla e Saint-Martin.

The three have different merits and we are lucky! All three are perfect for kitesurfing.


Enjoy some kitesurfing sessions in the most beautiful shallow lagoons with excellent white sand beaches on the side.

(Video) Discover the Secret Stops of Norway: Uncover the Top 10!

Anguilla is a British island on the west side of Saint-Martin.

It is a very flat island with vast white sandy beaches facing endless crystal clear waters. Every year, Anguilla is voted one of the top 3 beaches in the world... So how about kitesurfing in the lagoons on these stunning beaches?

If you're looking to kitesurf in an idyllic location with absolutely no one else, Anguilla is a must. No kitesurfing schools there, no kitesurfing community, it will basically be you on the water!

Anguilla Island is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Saint-Martin. When should we book this trip for you?

Kitesurf in a shallow, crystal-clear lagoon and relax on white sand beaches.


Enjoy kitesurfing in light winds in the perfect setting of this precious Caribbean island.

Known as the island where all the famous and rich vacation, Saint-Barth is not just that!

St Barth is a cute island where everything is top notch, as is the kitesurfing school there. "7eme ciel kite surf", owned by our partner Enguerrand, is located on the Grand Cul-de-Sac lagoon.

The place is in a bay with a sandbar in the middle and small waves in the background. Everything you need is there. Furthermore, St. Barth is easily accessible from Saint-Martin, either by ferry (45 minutes), charter plane (10 minutes), a private chartered boat or even a helicopter!!

Kitesurf with the stars. Kitesurf like a star!


There are 3 kitesurfing schools on the French side of Saint-Martin and none on the Dutch side.

Each of these kitesurfing schools are located in different areas of the island and use different brands of equipment.


  • Located in Nettle Bay
  • shallow lake location
  • F-One Gear


  • Located in Nettle Bay
  • shallow lake location
  • F-One Gear
(Video) Big Blue Boards Sint Marteen Kitesurf


  • The hotel is located in Orient Beach
  • open water place
  • Goat Gear

Each of these schools offers a great service with professional advice.

They offer every service you can imagine: kitesurfing and foiling lessons, supervised sessions, equipment of the year (daily, weekly or more) and even kitesurfing trips to sister island Anguilla.

Depending on the type of spots you are looking for and the type of equipment you want to ride, choose the school that best suits your needs! And we will make the arrangements for you.

Find the kitesurfing school of your dreams!

The best kitesurfing spots in Saint-Martin

Kitesurfing in Saint Martin | Heimat am Meer (2)

1.Orient Strand

The Orient Beach location is the most popular in Saint-Martin. Here you will find everything you need: open sea, shallow and clear lagoon, restinga and waves.

Works in all wind directions

2. end of the line

Cul-de-sac is a small place with shallow water and a rather large sandbar in the middle. It's the perfect place to practice your freestyle moves and pop as much as you want!

Southeast Orientation

3. Galeao Bay

Galion Bay is another great big spot in Saint-Martin with calm waters thanks to a wide barrier reef that closes off the bay and creates the famous Galion surf spot.

east orientation

4.Lagoa de Nettle Bay

Nettle Bay Lagoon is absolutely perfect for beginners. The water there is very shallow most of the time and the environment makes you feel very safe. Try!

north orientation


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