How to wear rings: a guide for men (2023)

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Few people today will turn a blind eye to a man with a watch, a necklace, or even an earring. Why do many men still do not know what to do with a ring? Even a wedding ring can raise some questions about how to wear rings in men who are not used to wearing rings.

To name a few, why do you wear your wedding ring on your ring finger? Is it okay for men to wear rings on other fingers too? What types of rings will look best on your hands? How do you coordinate your rings with other jewelry you may be wearing?

The best rule of all is not to think too much about it! Rings (wedding and otherwise) can look absolutely amazing on men, and getting them is just a matter of following a few simple tips. First, let's talk about a type of ring.willesee tons of guys fingers:a wedding ring for men!

Choosing a wedding ring

A wedding ring is the ring that both partners start wearing when they are officially married. The wedding ring is almost always simpler than one.engagement ring, usually a single stem without stones or teeth, although many have inserts. Most men and women wear their wedding rings on a daily basis (although some choose alternative options if the rings present a safety hazard at work).

Some couples choose the traditional option ofmatching wedding rings. For others, each partner chooses their own band design. Whatever you decide, your wedding rings should express what means the most to you and your partner while maintaining a style that suits both of you. Find rings that meet these characteristics and you will always be able to wear your wedding ring with security and confidence.

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Wedding Rings: Should You Go For Gold?

Perhaps you are used to seeing men of your father's or grandfather's generation wearing the traditional gold wedding band. If you love this classic look, you'll be glad to know it's still around! The simple gold wedding ring is sported by many men, and it looks as elegant and timeless as ever. silver androse gold wedding rings for menThey're also popular with men who want a slight twist on the traditional.

However, men who want a more distinctive look also have many options in finding a wedding ring that fits their lifestyle and expresses their deepest commitments and values. Let's look at three of the best options:

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1. Wolframringe

Tungsten carbide has quickly become one of the most sought after wedding ring materials for men in the 21st century. It's not hard to see why: tungsten is an incredibly strong and solid metal that is highly resistant to scratches and dents.

Once again, tungsten carbide offers a perfect aesthetic for many men. With its heavier weight and elegant gray or black appearance, tungsten carbide provides the vital, masculine energy many men seek in a wedding ring. Tungsten is a popular alternative when a regular gold band just doesn't suit your mood.

Another great aspect of tungsten rings is the many design options they offer.Modern Gent's range of tungsten ringsincludes an incredible range of inlays and finishes including everything fromBourbonfass HolzAreal meteorite chips. There are virtually no limits to your self-expression when you choose a tungsten ring, perfect for a relationship that allows (and encourages) you to be yourself.

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2. Titanium rings

Titanium is another unconventional wedding ring material that has been gaining popularity of late. It's a high-tech metal with some great properties: exceptional hardness and durability that help it resist scratches and dents, combined with incredibly light weight. A titanium ring won't weigh your finger down like a tungsten ring, making it a great option for those who prefer a lighter weight ring that's still super strong.

While titanium ring designs tend to be simpler than tungsten rings, you still have plenty of great options.Modern Gents offers titanium ringsin popular finishes like silver, gold, and rose gold. This also makes them ideal for men looking for a ring with a traditional look but with greater durability than standard gold or silver wedding bands.

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3. Damascus steel, carbon fiber and more

What if you're looking for a wedding ring that really breaks the mold? Modern Gents is proud to offer some of the most contemporary rings in men's jewelry, suitable for both wedding bands and fashion rings.

el valyriocontains the rippled beauty of damascus steel for a look unlike anything else, andthe stealthbrings the futuristic technology of carbon fiber right to your finger. Our spacer rings are also great for those looking for a change, and we're adding new ones all the time!

Why do men wear their wedding ring on their ring finger?

In most Western cultures, the fourth finger on the left hand is the traditional location for men's and women's wedding rings. (That's why it's also known as the ring finger!) The original reason is an ancient myth about the human body that has persisted for centuries: the ring finger contains a vein,known as the vein amoris, which goes directly from the fingertip to the heart.

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Today we know that all five fingers actually have veins, which by definition are connected to the heart. Few people remember the myth of the Vena Amoris anyway. The real reason the ring finger is so popular is that it has become a widely used symbol that almost everyone in Western culture understands! A ring-shaped ring on the ring finger of the left hand makes most people assume that he is married. If youSonMarried, that's probably what you want, but it can give people the wrong idea when you're actually single.

But even married men don't always wear their traditional wedding ring on their finger! For one thing, some cultures often use a different finger for a wedding ring, such as the ring finger of the right hand or even the index finger. Additionally, some couples enjoy wearing their wedding rings in non-traditional styles.

What do different fingers mean for your rings?

If you are thinking of wearing rings on other fingers,our guide to ring symbolismIt will give you an in-depth insight into what each finger means. Here's a quick summary of what the different fingers can mean:

  • Pinkie:For men who enjoy wearing fashion rings, the pinky finger has long been the default place to wear them. Some organizations with rings indicating membership also choose to wear the little finger. It is the default option for oneOrden des Engineer-Rings, For example. In general though, the little finger is a great place for any ring, whether or not it has special meaning.
  • ring finger:Aside from the left ring finger being the traditional finger for a wedding ring in the United States and Canada, the ring finger of both hands is a standard location for any ring of great personal significance. Many men wear their class ring, fraternity ring, or organization ring (such as a Shriner or Masonic ring) on ​​their ring finger. With that being said, there is definitely no reason why you can't sport a trendy ring on your ring finger!
  • middle finger:The middle finger also has no special meaning, making it a versatile place to place your favorite rings. Larger rings often look good on the middle finger, since it is larger than other fingers. However, it's worth noting that a ring on your middle finger can rub uncomfortably against your other fingers, especially if you wear rings on those fingers.

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  • Index finger:A ring on the index finger exudes power, prestige, and confidence, which is why most men save that finger for a big, statement ring. It's a great place for a signet ring or larger fashion ring. Note that some men find index finger rings impractical because the index finger isone of the most usedin daily life, so a ring can sometimes be heavy or hinder some activities.
  • Thumb:Your thumb is a prominent and somewhat unusual place to wear a ring, so you'll definitely want to rock this one! you will tooliterallylarge size, since the thumb is usually a little wider than the other fingers. Like the index finger, the thumb can be impractical for men who work with their hands.

How to wear rings for men: five key rules

If you're looking for hard and fast rules on wearing rings for men, there really aren't any aside from one important safety tip, which we'll cover first. Beyond that though, there are definitely some basic tips any guy can use to ensure he looks his best when he's rocking a ring or rings, so let's find out what he needs to know!

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1. Safety first: Consider a silicone ring if you work with your hands.

Many men don't wear metal rings while working (or exercising) because of the risk of onering avulsion injury. Instead, it's common for men to exchange a silicone wedding ring to show their commitment while protecting their hands. Due to the soft and flexible nature of silicone rings, they are easy to break when caught on machines, tools or gym equipment. That's exactly what you want, of course: better the ring than the finger!

Of course, you also want a ring that fits you well, so take a look at Modern Gents silicone rings. We have tons of great color and style options for every look, including classic black and army green.

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  • 2. Start with something simple.

    Confidence is key when wearing rings as a man, and the best way to build confidence is to take one step at a time. If you're used to wearing only one wedding ring, or no ring at all, it's a good idea to empathize with a ring that exudes an air of elegant simplicity. Try something that you can wiggle around on your little finger for an instant touch of style that doesn't go overboard.

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  • 3. When choosing rings, consider the size of your fingers.

    In general, larger rings are better for men with larger hands, and vice versa. It's also worth paying attention to the size differences between fingers, as (for example) a ring that fits your middle finger might be too big for your little finger. Therefore, before ordering the size, it is important to consider which finger you are most likely to wear the ring on.

  • See our ring size guideto get the perfect size for you!
  • 4. Choose a ring that matches your watch.

    A great ring and watch combo might be just what a man needs for a little more swagger. The first rule for this combination is to carefully consider the colors of the watch and his ring. They don't have to be a perfect match, but the closer you get, the better your outfit will benefit! If they're not the same color, they should at least have colors that go together well, like a black ring paired with a gold watch.

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  • 5. Choose a ring that expresses something meaningful to you.

    Of course, it's perfectly fine to choose a ring just because it looks great! On the other hand, many men find that they can wear a ring with more confidence when it expresses something of great personal value to them. Modern Gents is all about self-expression, so we've created rings to appeal to all types, including:

  • For the musician:the hendrix, with real guitar string insert.
  • For the connoisseur:el bourbon, with bourbon barrel wood inlays.
  • For the free spirit:The traveler, with an abalone shell inlay.
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    Modern Gents is the perfect place for it.Shop men's wedding rings, fashion rings and more! View our full range of men's rings - ethically sourced, affordable and always made from the highest quality materials.

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