How long should you wait between appointments? (2023)

When you're dating someone, no matter how excited you get about the next date every time you see him, you need to remember to play it cool and not be super intense. avoid lookingdesperate for the next date, and give that person some space to let them miss you.


How long to wait between appointments

Good rule of thumb for scheduling appointments

Allow time to pass between each dateIf he texts, get involvedDon't Text Messaging Compulsivelydon't expect too muchTime to respond is importantFind an excuse to go on a date

How many days between dates

Days between the first and second date.Days between the second and third date.Days between third and fourth dates.

It's okay if you text every day, but avoid going out all the time so the dates feel more special and you don't get bored before you've even really gotten to know each other and connected.

Good rule of thumb for scheduling appointments

How long should you wait between appointments? (1)

Allow time to pass between each date

It's important to take your time between dates and not rush before asking for another date so you don't seem desperate. If on your last date you didn't discuss when the next date would be or something specific was happening on a specific day, don't text about the next date.

A good rule of thumb is not to bring up the subject of another date for 3-4 days after the date. You should also make sure you don't ask too directly about the next date, but point out that he's asking you out and it's not you asking for another date.

Also make sure not to text just to try to go on another date andStart a conversation first.

If he texts, get involved

Sehe really cares about you, He is likely to text you after the date. He'll probably try to continue the conversation about something you talked about during the date, or maybe mention that you had a good time. Waiting for him to text you is a good idea as it will help you gauge his interest, but if you really like him you can text him too.

Just be sure to engage in a way that doesn't interrupt the conversation but keeps it can keep talking. Don't be discouraged if he doesn't write right away; he probably doesn't want to seem so clingy. Wait a few hours and if he hasn't texted you the next morning, send him a casual text about what a great time you had.

Don't Text Messaging Compulsively

When the encounter is over, certain letters are better than others. You can ask if they made it home safely or say you had a great night and wish them good night. Those are all very acceptable texts to send your date.

It's really important that your date doesn't feel like they're being stalked because you don't want to come across as needy or desperate. While not sending a lot of text messages might seem impossible, it will also benefit you if your date isn't as interested.

This will help you control your emotions and not get overly excited, and your feelings won't be so hurt when it doesn't work.

don't expect too much

The time elapsed between consultations is very important. It's important that some time passes, but you shouldn't wait too long because that person might think they've done something wrong, that you're not interested in them or that you don't want to go on another date. Avoid waiting more than 5 days to send a text message saying you want to meet again and go on another date.

Ideally, you probably don't want to wait more than 3 days, and if it takes longer than 3-5 days, you should let them know what you're thinking so they know you're genuinely interested in continuing with them again what's going on.

Time to respond is important

If he texts you after the date, you need to think about how quickly you'll respond. You don't want to waste too much time, but you also don't want to respond right away because you don't want to seem too eager. Avoid writing back immediately, wait less than an hour if you're really interested, and if it's too late,write back tomorrow morning.

The benefit of posting back in the morning is that you keep the conversation going until the next day, so he can keep talking to you later or ask about your day. Whatever you do, don't let more than half a day go by or he'll think you're not interested.

Find an excuse to go on a date

If you can't wait any longer for another date and he doesn't ask you out on another date, find something that's happening on a specific date in the near future and talk about it. Think about things like a movie release, a local event, or a concert.

If he's interested in you and he knows you're interested in the event, he'll probably want to take you with him. This is the easiest way to get asked out on another date and see her again.

How many days between dates

How long should you wait between appointments? (2)

Earlier is always better when it comes to your next date, but below is a more detailed guide on what your timing should be.

Days between the first and second date.

Wait at least 5 days for the next appointment and bring it up or ask the date if 3 days have passed since the original appointment. Ideally you go on another date 5-6 days after the first date and waiting more than 8-10 days for the next date is excessive unless there is a reasonable explanation eg. B. that one of you will be out of town or something.

You don't want to waste too much time because your initial chemistry and interest might fizzle out and it just won't be the same.

Days between the second and third date.

After the second date, wait at least 3-4 days before going on a third date. Ideally, by your second date, you've already talked about your third date and have an idea of ​​what you want to do. All you have to do is set a specific day and time. Try to make the third date different from the previous dates.

It's normal for first dates to have dinner so you have a chance to talk, but it's also important to see that you can have fun together and enjoy each other's company, even if it's not much to talk about.

You could try going to a concert, doing something you both enjoy, going for a walk, etc. Just make sure it's something different than just eating together.

Days between third and fourth dates.

You've been on a few dates together, know each other, and feel comfortable with this person. If you were the one who hinted at the next date every other time, let him ask alone on the fourth date.

The ideal is not to wait more than 7 days for the next meeting. If your previous dates went well and you really hit it off, this person should already be texting you quite often.

Normally, he should text you every day or two suggesting plans or things you can do together. If your crush hasn't asked you out on another date after 7 days, then be the one to ask him out.

What happens after the first 4-5 dates?

If you've been on 4-5 dates, you know things are getting serious. There must be a serious interest in both of you to continue seeing each other, and if you've been following the schedule we've mentioned, you've probably been seeing each other at least once a week for about a month now.

You will continue to date this person, and eventually you want to talk about whether you are exclusively dating or what to do about it.

Keep in mind that these tips are just suggestions and should be applied especially when you are dating someone you are also meeting and have recently met. If your date is a longtime friend or someone you know fairly well, it wouldn't be surprising if you text each other right away. It would probably be the most natural thing since you've already established a friendship and probably a conversation as well.

You could also find yourself in a situation where you're in love with the person you just left and you know you should keep texting each other. But in most cases you should consider all of the above.

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