Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (2023)

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Live Producer Letter has just ended. Here we have all the information about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 patch!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 is coming soon. In the last producer's letter we got a good idea of ​​what content to expect in the next patch. We're getting more of the usual, like the next chapter of the new main scenario quests, additions to existing content, and a bunch of quality of life updates.

This recap will contain all the announcements made in the last Live Letter, there will be a part 2 in the coming weeks with more information and an exact release date.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 release date

The next patch of the critically acclaimed MMORPG will be called The Dark Throne and is expected to be released in late May 2023. Since the patch day usually falls on a Tuesday, you can expect the patch to be released on May 23rd 30th. .

Director and producer Naoki Yoshida also teased that the upcoming 6.4 patches will contain hints of what the next expansion will look like. And it looks like this new patch aims to wrap up the upcoming storyline as we gradually get closer to 7.0. Which will be unveiled at Fan Fest in Las Vegas in late July.

New quest content

Of course, with Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4, you can expect more than usual when it comes to quests. As the Endwalker patch cycle draws to a close, MSQ moves on. There was nothing solid about Live Letter, but this patch seems to end the Void storyline that we've been pushing since 6.1.

But we will also see another addition to Tataru's Grand Endeavor questline, aimed at completing and continuing optional quests from Final Fantasy XIV's past. With the Four Lords prominently featured in patch 6.3, there will be Shadowbringers content.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (1)

This time we're talking to Gaius van Baelsar and other characters from the Sorrows of Werlyt quest line, commonly referred to as the weapon quest line, and featured in the Shadowbringers test line. In order to accept the quest, you must complete The Sorrow of Werlyt quest line.

With patch 6.45, which is scheduled to be released a few weeks after patch 6.4, we have another entry in Hildibrand's quest line. Somehow Hildibrand's more adventures go into their next chapter, waiting for you to get caught. This quest will also link to the next step of your relic weapon.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (2)


With patch 6.45 you can also look forward to the next step in your relic weapons and tools.

Once you've somehow completed Hildibrand's adventure, you can take your Mandevile weapons to the next step. They haven't really said what the next step will be after the last one was less well received by the public, but maybe it's just a gimmick!

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We will also take the next step for your finery tools, which are heirlooms for artisans and collectors alike. And rest assured that this will again involve a lot of grinding if you plan on gearing up all your crafters and gatherers.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (3)

New Raid: Pandaemonium: Anabaseios

The even-numbered mission also means a new attack. This will be the final part of the Endwalker's Pandaemonium quest line. This time, let's go even deeper into the pocket dimension and reach Anabaseios to face the horrors the ancients have imprisoned there.

In the normal version, there are always four raid encounters that reward you with tokens that you can exchange for new gear. A week after the patch release, we will also have the next tier Savage Raid, which will also feature four encounters.

Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida acknowledged that the final raid level, Abyssos, was a little difficult, especially since the final encounter was slightly altered. He promised that the team would not repeat the same mistakes and thought that this new attack is a little easier than the previous one.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (4)

Combat content

The new patch means new combat content and Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 will continue to honor the times by giving you more than usual with some nice little additions.

The first is the new dungeon, which will likely be part of the main scenario. This one is called Aetherfont and is probably somewhere in the Northern Void. It appears to be some kind of Sharlayan research facility. We don't know much but Yoshida said he has good pace.

The retrial will be called The Voidcast Days and will pit us against the villain Golbez from Final Fantasy IV. Because who could even be the villain in this story if Final Fantasy IV's story is any reference.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (5)

This test will also feature an extreme version, which will hopefully continue the tendency of endwalker tests to be frantic and fast compared to more mechanically intensive attacks. This is also where you can work and earn a new weapon that will make the next level of attack a little easier.

The upcoming FFXIV patch will also feature a new Unreal Trial. After Sephirot and Sophia, the next encounter will be a reworked and streamlined fight with Zurvan, the demon in the Bay of Containment Z1T9. We'll see if this content will also include an overhaul of some mechanics like the other battles.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (6)

Variant Dungeon and Criterion 2: Mount Rokkon

Contrary to my predictions, the next variant/criterion dungeon will not take us to the Shroud or Limsa Lominsa. Instead, our adventures now take us east to what appears to be Hingashi.

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After the success of the last variant and criterion dungeon introduced in 6.25. Players will again be able to tackle a dungeon in an adventure-style narrative of their choosing. We don't know if it will follow the same structure established by Sil'dihn Subterrane or if it will be expanded.

The variant version will feature multiple paths, while the Criterion and Criterion (Savage) versions of the counter will be a linear, more curated experience. But you don't need to complete or even accept the Sil'dihn Subterrane quest to participate in this content.

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In an ongoing effort to future-proof Final Fantasy XIV, the Square Enix team has begun implementing the Duty Support feature for past content. The feature works similarly to the trust system implemented in Shadowbringers, but it doesn't come with the additional leveling of companions.

So far you can play all dungeons as well as the A Realm Reborn Trials with AI companions if you don't want to wait for the mandatory finder. The feature also offers smaller character interactions, similar to the trusts found in later expansions.

Stormblood Duty Support lets you play The Sirensong Sea, Bardam's Mettle, Doma Castle, Castrum Abania, and Ala Mhigo with AI companions. And like previous updates, these dungeons have received a small visual overhaul to bring them up to date.

You can also expect some minor changes to some of the individual quests and tasks included in Stormblood. And with patches 6.5 later this year, all MSQ-related dungeon content will be playable with AI companions.

work adjustments

As with all patches, you can expect some minor reworks to balance out Final Fantasy XIV's extensive work. Yoshida didn't provide any specific examples, but we're still awaiting the planned overhauls for Astrologer and Dragoon in PvE content.

As for the PvP tweaks, expect some numbers to change to shake up the current meta. But more details will be available after the next live letter.


With the PvP adjustments come new updates! Final Fantasy XIV's fourth PvP series begins with the release of Patch 6.4. For the uninitiated, it's a Battle Pass of sorts (don't worry, there's no premium currency) that you level up for rewards by participating in the various PvP modes.

Patch 6.4 marks the beginning of Crystal Conflict Season 7. Once again you can compete for leaderboards and rise to the top. Once again, the rewards will likely be nothing but bragging rights and something offbeat for your adventurous platter.

There will also be some changes to the Frontlines PvP mode. First, the UI is getting a small overhaul to better show game time and score instead of being hidden in your mission/quest log.

The Field of Glory (Shatter) card will also receive a rule overhaul, with more details likely to be revealed in the next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter. And Borderlands Ruins (Safe) will not be available for rework until further notice.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (8)

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Blue Wizard Update (6.45)

Finally good content. With patch 6.45, Blue Mage will finally be released in Shadowbringers content. Your current limited level cap will be raised to 80 and you can finally participate in 5.x content.

It's been almost 2 years since Final Fantasy XIV allowed the Blue Menace to descend leaving nothing but tears and ashes in their wake.

Blue Mage's limited combat content includes more quests in the Masked Carnivale, new spells to learn from all your favorite Shadowbringes encounters (Light Rampart Here I Come), and several new challenges and achievements. You will also unlock a new gear set.

Please provide blue mage ultimates now and increase the max level to 90 in the next patch, I beg you Yoshida.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (9)

Update on deep sea fishing

Final Fantasy XIV's most important content is also getting another update! The popular deep sea fishing is now on its way to Kugane and back! It's a long journey to see all sorts of strange sea creatures and other special attractions.

Ocean Fishing sends an alliance-sized group of players onto a ship and lets them fish. Fishing accumulates points that lead to all kinds of rewards depending on your score. While it's RNG hell, what's next will fill your fishing journal with some of Final Fantasy XIV's best content.

This update may also add new rewards and achievements to the mode, maybe even a title of best "World Class Troller".

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (10)

Island Sanctuary-Update

The popular Island Sanctuary is also getting its first major update after introducing content in patch 6.25. Since then there have been a few minor tweaks and new things here and there, but now we finally have something more substantial.

Patch 6.4 and possibly 6.45 will only add more Island Sanctuary. Another set of leaderboards and shrine visions that will likely complete with a few more quests.

There will also be an entirely new jungle gathering area outside of your sanctuary. This brings new materials to gather, new animals to capture, new crops to grow, and new crafts to sell. As well as new structures to build and rewards to unlock.

The biggest upgrade to your hideaway will be the ability to place patio furniture however you like in the backyard of your home. You can set up up to 90 different types of garden furniture on your property. Slots are initially limited, but you can unlock more as you build your sanctuary.

Note, however, that special furniture such as Striking Dummies and Gardens are not supported by this feature.

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various updates

With a new even-numbered patch, Final Fantasy XIV also gets a new tomestone currency. This time the currency is called Allagan Tomestones of Comedy and has the usual cap of 450 you can earn per week.

The old currency will always drop once patch 6.5 arrives, but you can exchange it for a new currency at the designated NPC.

The number of gear sets is also increased to 100. Currently you can craft up to 45 gear sets. Yoshida also noted that players would of course complain that there aren't enough Glamor Plates, but at least now you can prepare new clothes if you have them in your inventory.

The UI is also getting a minor overhaul, after this happened during the last two finals the team has now decided to add more features to the chat and name tags.

Players' jobs/classes are now displayed on their nameplates in open world content, and their roles are displayed with a specific color in chat.

The market board will also receive a slight UI overhaul. now correctly displays the taxes that players must pay when purchasing an item and the price including taxes. Previously, this tax was not included in the total price, causing confusion.

Fashion accessories such as goggles and wings are now displayed when engaging in combat content over the world.

You can also enchant items in different locations when you cast enchantment in an inn. That means you can probably dye and cast glamor from your inventory, chocobo saddlebag, glamor dresser, retainers, and maybe even your armory. Good update.

And you will also finally be able to enchant your fairy as a scholar. Previously, you could summon Eos or Selene, which haven't had a single function since 5.0. You can now enchant your fairy as Eos, Selene, or Carbuncle. Yummy.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Letter from the Producer 76 Recap: Release Date, Exciting New Content, and More! (11)Updates for Fan Fest 2023/2024

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest is also just around the corner, with the NA Fan Fest in July and the EU Fan Fest in October selling out. Fan Fest tickets for the Japanese event in January are expected to go on sale in the near future.

For the July event, you can expect the reveal of the next expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, as well as the live letter for Endwalker's latest patch 6.5.

Yoshida only made a few brief announcements about what to expect, but Fan Fest in Las Vegas in July will showcase the graphical updates the team is working on for the next expansion. With that in mind, he also reassured players that these updates were coming, albeit in limited capacity for the PlayStation 4.

If you missed Final Fantasy XIV Orchestra Concert 2022 - Eorzean Symphony, the Blu-ray is for youfor sale now. The orchestra will also be touring alongside the NA and EU Fan Fest and tickets will be available soon.

That's all we have from the last Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter and all the new information in Patch 6.4. Of course we'll keep you updated should anything else come up and if you're looking for the latest games and esports you should check us out here atESTNN

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