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A passport in the sunThe pupils force discussion questions to slow themselves down and to think critically about drama and their topics.A passport in the sunQuestions about use in cooperative groups or in Socratic seminar.

Part 1: Discussion questions for each action

Part 2:A passport in the sunEssential questions

Part 1:A passport in the sunQuestions of discussion

Discussions and excerpts - a passport

You can assign any group AA passport in the sunFirst question (easier) and an open question from the second (strict) second part.

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A passport in the sunQuestions for act I

  1. What a general impression/humor Hansberry creates when describing the apartment?
  2. What does Walter's trouble in eggs mean?What really happens?
  3. "Slicborn" is not a real world.Ruth has formed a representation - the combination of two words in a new word.
  4. What is Joseph Asagai against Beninga's hair?
  5. Which character takes on the most suitable attitude towards insurance money?
  6. What under your mother's belief?
  7. Analyze the characterization in Act I, in which the personality of a character describes and explains how Hansberry uses details to bring the character to life.
  8. How does the language of the stage instructions differ from the language of dialogue?Why is that important?
  9. What conflicts develop in Act I?What are most important and why?
  10. The food plays a role in the development of Hansberry's topics.Explains the importance of discussions of food in act I. (TIP: Give thoughts about Joseph's nicknames under the Unterma.)
  11. What does Sobeatha mean when she says that she is looking for her identity?
  12. How does Hansberry present the topic of hope and dreams in Act I?

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A passport in the sunQuestions about Act II

  1. What does Walter Lee Africa fantasy mean?Is your flaming javelinagination simply a drunk show or is it something else?
  2. Below the younger hairstyle it is discussed in Act I and again in Act II.What is the meaning of this detail?
  3. Why, says below: "Mom, when there are two things that have to overcome people, is a Ku Klux Klan - and the other is Mrs. Johnson"?
  4. Describe Karl Lindner's approach to his alleged (shameful) mission.
  5. Describe Walter Lees Metamorphosis in Act II. How does he change and why?
  6. What is assimilation?What opinions on assimilation and Afro Americans Hansberry explore their characters?
  7. Many productions ofA passport in the sunDo you leave the Fraujohnson from outside, but Hansberry argued against Omiti -La.a.johnson is an important character?Explain your vision.
  8. Walter Lee's behavior is repulsive, but we sympathize with him.How does Hansberry worry about Walter Lee despite her shortcomings?
  9. Explain how the smaller characters of Akt II serve as symbols.What does everyone represent?
  10. How does Hansberry develop her dream topic in Act II?

A passport in the sunQuestions about Act III

  1. Under the attitude to become a doctor, changes.What does she think when she says she is a doctor "doesn't look deep enough"?
  2. The agreement proposed by Lindner is completely cool and young people need the money.Why is the family strong against Lindner's offer?
  3. What does Walter Lee mean when he says that Willy Harris doesn't even count among the world's "buyers"?
  4. Why will Walter Lee Lindner say that he will become a doctor below when he made this idea before and after making this statement?
  5. How does Hansberry increase the tension that leads to the final decision of the family?
  6. Identify an element of the piece that serves as a symbol.How does Hansberry add the element of meaning levels?What is the purpose of the symbol?
  7. ANDA passport in the sunSexist or antisexistic?Explain your conclusion.
  8. What is Hansberry's last message about Afro American?
  9. How does Hansberry use ambiguities when completing the piece (if something is not clear)?
  10. Bruce Norris wrote a sequence called calledClybourne Park. What do you think Hansberry would like to see after a sequenceA passport in the sun?

Part 2:A passport in the sunEssential questions

If you call you general, consulting or unit questions, there are 4 questions that are important for the students.The main topics include the forms of the racial prejudices, the American dream and identity (including personal values).

Essential question No. 1: What different options can racism take?

Discussion questions at Act Sun - Teachnovels.com (4)

Systemic racism inA passport in the sun

Systemic racism (and sexism) causes the family's financial suffering.Walter cannot exceed how Big Walter could not go beyond manual work.The same system (represented by Mr. unlimited duration.

Internalized racism inA passport in the sun

Internalized racism plays an important role in the play.The family openly discusses how the perspective of her Afro -American neighbor, Mrs. Johnson is simply harmful as oppression that she created.

Despite his experience, mom refuses to internalize racism, accept the status quo or pronounce women. Johnson (and Booker T. Washington.)

"Mom, if there are two things that have to overcome how people, is a Ku Klux Klan - and the other is Mrs. Johnson."

Walter's internal conflict forces him to choose between internalization of racism to gain material (humiliating for Lindner) or preserving his dignity.If he decides to sacrifice his self -contempt, he is in the head of his oppression.At the height of the piece, at the height of the piece, he is in the head of his oppression.At the height of the piece, he is in the head.He would choose.

Prejudices against contemporary Africa

Hansberry explores prejudice against Africa through many of the characters.Between the African heritage and tries to expand his understanding, while George openly openly and opens to insults despite his knowledge.For mother, people in Africa are completely strange and she claims: "I never have:" I have never known an African before."For Walter, his only connection with Africa in the form of an alcohol -related imagination is a vague dream for him.

Essential question No. 2: "What happens to a postponed dream?"

As an individual rWhen did you all have hope of your dreams?Attack and then send (Walter)?Do you refuse to let the dream die despite the endless expectation (mother)?Do you worsen the others (Willie)?

How does an entire people react if there is no recognizable hope for their dreams?

Research of this essential question ofA passport in the sunrequires a context. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and others than they think about various answers to Afro Americans.

Essential question No. 3: What is the American dream?

Discussion questions at Act Sun - Teachnovels.com (5)This essential questionForces the students to look at different perspectives.What are the different meanings of this famous term?How has the meaning of this term changed over time?This means different things for different people?What can this mean for a impoverished, urban Afro -American family and disadvantaged in the 1950s?

An additional examination of this essential question is related to money.What should be the role of money in our hopes and the American dream?What views does the play offer?What does Hansberry say about the nature of money?

Essential question No. 4: What is identity?

Ask the students to examine what identity means for them.What are the main facets?What opinions on identity do you reject?

Like the different characters inA passport in the sunThink of identity?Identity is based on family?Believe?Values?Money?Prestigious?Would?Crew?Personal expression?How do different characters think about inheritance as one aspect of identity?

Hansberry uses Daeatha below in relation to this essential problem ofA passport in the sun.Among Daeatha is not interested in prosperity, faith or departure of a family.For them, identity is about personal truth that comes from the inside.She tries to find her identity through personal expression and later explore her African heritage.Never mentioned, the American slavery and racism recognizes from an essential connection below.

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Thanks for checkingA passport in the sunQuestions of discussion

A passport in the sunIt is an invaluable text that enables students to think about prejudices in America - past and present.Enables the students to address essential questions about money, dreaming, identity, racism, society and values.

I hope these questions open up forA passport in the sunwill produce surrounding discussions in your classroom.

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