Bellator 277 Predictions - AJ McKEE Against Patricio Pitbull 2: Combat Card, Opportunities, Home Time, Choices, Live Transmission (2023)

It is almost the moment of a retirement of the greatest confrontation in the history of Bellator MMA.After taking AJ McKee less than two minutes to rock and then send the then champion Patricio Pitbull in Bellator 263, the two seemed safe to rescue this reprogramming will be in the game again on Friday night at the main event of Bellator 277with the crown in the weight of spring.

Pitbull has had the spring weight championship twice and is also a former lightweight champion.Among his governments for the title, seven accused of title and two victories of the Bellator tournament, he considers him the best fighter in the history of the promotion.However, McKee does his own case as the size of Bellator.After McKee was raised slowly by the Bellator series, it was finally included in the Bellator Award in the World for the Wall, where the competition passed, including Pitbull, to become a champion.

Can't you get enough boxes and MMA?Obtain the latest in the martial arts world of two of the best in business.Kombat signed in the morning with Luke Thomas and Brian CampbellFor the best analysis and incoming messages, including a complete preview of the combat card after completing the ceremonial weight below.

However, the main event is not the only fight for the title of the night, since Vadim Nemkov, heavyweight champion, competes in the main event of Corey Anderson.Nemkov was perfect in the Bellator's cage, but Anderson has dominated competition since his surprising jump from the UFC.

The sub -card also has some interesting fights without titles.The spring weight Aaron Pico is again when he accepts Adli Edwards in a weight competition with 150 pounds.Pico once was one of the most popular perspectives in MMA's history when Bellator signed until an agreement outside the high school.The 25 -year -old has reached some potholes on the street, the ship seems to have lived up to five victories in a row and only one that reaches the judges' score cards.And Linton Vassell hit the starter.

Here is the battle letter for Bellator 277 with the latest possibilities of Caesars Sportsbook.

Bellator Card 277, Opportunities

  • AJ MCKEE (C) -330 against Patricio Pitbull +260, Spring Weight Championship
  • Vadim Nemkov (C) -160 against Corey Anderson +135, championship in the highlight of the heavyweight (final of the Grand Prize)
  • Aaron Pico -1100 against Adli Edwards +700, Spring weight
  • Linton Vassell -140 against Tim Johnson +120, heavy weights
  • Tyrell Fortune -1100 against Rakim Cleveland +650, heavy pesos
  • Dovletdzhan Yagshimurav -180 Against Rafael Carvalho +155, heavy weights
  • GASTON BOLANOS -310 against Daniel Carey +250, Contract weight (140 pounds)
  • Kyle Crutchmer -260 against Michael Lombardo +210, World Weight
  • Bobby Seroniio III -1000 against Caobob Ramirez +650, Pesos Bantam
  • Tyson Miller -440 against Rhalan Gracie +340, World Weight
  • Edwin de los Santos vs.Alberto Méndez, fly weights
  • Rogelio Luna -220 against Socrates Hernández +180, spring pesos
  • Laird Anderson -575 against JT Donaldson +425, Spring Weight
  • Theo Haig -900 Against Alan Benson +600, heavyweight light


Given:15. April |Start time:10 p.m. y
Location:SAP Center - San José, California
Television channel:Showtime |Live or the Showtime application (subscription required)


Brent Brookhouse:It is unlikely that the reserves are a coal copy of the first meeting.Pitbull will have greater respect for what McKee brings to the cage and should no longer leave the early openings.It brings, clearly a problem for pitbull, since McKee has such a dynamic attack that can download kicks or blows from a variety of angles.In contrast to most combatants, McKee does not have a great concern if Pitbull falls and takes it.You would build in a laboratory to be a Pit Bull destroyer.Selection: AJ McKee wins

Abandoned form:How can anyone choose against McKee after passing through the Grand Prix in the weight of spring and smoking pit bull?The second time, but McKee deserves a sensible favorite.It has a greater ability to finish the fight.Selection: AJ McKee wins

Brandon Wise:It is really difficult to overcome the same opponent twice, much less without the other opponent between the meeting.Met McKee in July.He only has five losses in his curriculum and has never lost his back.Adjust to Pitbull, you will be waiting for a completely different fight, which definitely has more than 120 seconds.Selection: Patricio Pitbull Wins

Vadim Nemkov Gegen Corey Anderson

Brent Brookhouse:This is an incredibly difficult fight.Nemkov is an experienced fighter, while Anderson currently has an absolute tear.That Nemkov's rest for Anderson is a point of frustration that wants to dictate the conditions of the fight and is worse when it reacts to an inability.Nemkov Will Will be able to lower the route.Selection: Vadim Nemkov wins

Abandoned form:Similar to the spring weight division, the semi -marked weight is another kind of weight in which Bellator probably has the best fighter in the world.It seemed a world building since the UFC jump.He would win a rubber game.Distoners recently discovered confidence in his surprising game is going well with his aggressive and suffocating skills of struggle. To avoid a cataclysmic take at an early stage.Selection: Corey Anderson Wins

Brandon Wise:This fight has the potential to go to different ways.It could take place as a classic fight if none of the men can establish their clinch and wrestling games, or could become a classic layman and pray when he reaches the mat.I tend to believe that Anderson as a fighter near his roof, while Nemkov still has growth.Selection: Vadim Nemkov wins

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