AHA! Review 2023 | Features, pricing and user reviews (2023)

AHA! Review 2023 | Features, pricing and user reviews (1)

Ah!is a set of product development tools that enable teams and companies to create and deliver winning products. Comprehensive and customizable tools such as Roadmap, Ideas, Develop and Create help users strategize, collect ideas, organize information, visualize plans, manage projects, track progress, optimize workload, create presentations and reports Build from from a single platform that also easily integrates with other solutions.


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Oh! : characteristics and strengths

Strategy, plans and ideas

The aha! The toolset gives teams the power to imagine, plan, build, and deploy software and other types of products. Oh! Roadmaps is a comprehensive roadmap tool that enables teams to develop a winning strategy, set goals, develop key capabilities, and define the product roadmap. Users can link how a product meets business objectives and create a framework for prioritizing product work.

Integrated strategic planning templates capture the business model or value proposition. Users can create buyer and user personas and profile top competitors to track competition. Other features include Gantt charts with milestones and dates, customizable process templates, interactive dependency mapping, capacity management, burndown charts and calendars.

Users can manage ideas and get feedback with tools like a branded idea portal, idea review tool, idea scoring, built-in notification, and custom idea workflow.

AHA! Review 2023 | Features, pricing and user reviews (2)

Requirements, Roadmaps and Reports

Oh! provides a planning board where users can define features, prioritize their backlog, manage daily work, and plan upcoming releases. It includes a product value scorecard to assess features that align with strategy. It also offers epic manageability, extensive formatting options, a workflow kanban board, user story mapping and workflows, status, customizable fields and layout.

Users can quickly create visual roadmaps and schedules using a library of visual roadmap templates, or create templates from scratch. Users can collaborate with teammates in real-time on ready-to-use portfolios, strategies, and feature roadmaps.

The software also comes with over 75 sample reports for users to create, save and share. Dashboards allow users to view plans, progress and KPIs on one screen. Other tools include a list view with dynamic filters, pivot tables, graphs and hierarchy reports.

Presentations, grades, integrations and more

Oh! Scripts allow users to create compelling presentations directly from their scripting software. Users can choose any Aha! For example, display a persona, roadmap, dashboard, or report and add it to a presentation slide. You can customize presentations with branded colors and themes. Images, shapes and text, as well as rich text, tables and bullets can also be added to slides.

The software allows users to create notes and whiteboards and organize them into folders. Users can also assign tasks and use @mentions for direct communication. You can embed roadmaps and reports into whiteboards and live views. You can also add notes to your presentation slides, post to a webpage, or export a PDF file.

Oh! works with many popular apps and services. Users can choose from over 30 integrations, including Jira, Slack, Azure DevOps, Salesforce, Google Analytics and Zendesk. Oh! Roadmaps integrates with development, communication, CRM, task tracking, knowledge management, analytics, calendaring, file storage, and SSO tools. It also has an API for other connections.

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Oh! prices

Oh! Pricing depends on which products users subscribe to: the company says there's an Aha! Ideal product for a specific step or multiple steps in the product development lifecycle. Interested users can Aha! Scripts, ideas or development free for 30 days. You can choose to pay monthly or annually with a 20% discount.

Oh! Roadmaps is the company's complete product management solution and includes Aha! Essential Ideas and Aha! Create Essentials by default. The Roadmaps product is available in 3 plans. The Roadmaps Premium plan starts at $59/user/month when paid annually (or $74/user when paid monthly). The premium plans are Roadmaps Enterprise for $99/user/month paid annually and Roadmaps Enterprise+ for $149/user/month paid annually.

AHA! Review 2023 | Features, pricing and user reviews (4)

Oh! Ideas is a comprehensive idea management tool and includes Aha! create the basics. Ideas Essentials costs $39/user/month and is paid annually with a minimum of 3 paying users. Ideas Advanced costs $59/user/month and is paid annually with a minimum of 3 paying users.

Oh! Develop is an agile development tool that also includes Aha! create the basics. Develop Essentials costs $9/user/month annually, while Develop Advanced costs $18/user/month annually.

Oh! Create is an ideal digital notebook for product developers. A free basic plan for a single user is available. Create Essentials costs $8/user/month and is paid annually, but there is no additional cost if users use other Aha! Suite products. Create Advanced is a plan that will be available soon.

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Who uses Aha!?

Oh! is product development software for companies of all sizes. Across industries, product management, product operations, IT, project management, business operations, and marketing teams use software to manage the various stages of product development, from strategy and concept to roadmap and release management. Clients include Kaufman Hall, Madison Logic, ResMed, SAP Concur, Liquid Telecom, ThriveHive, GB Group, Betsson Group and Doccle.

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Oh! Supported languages

Oh! Currently, the products only support English, with the exception of Ideas, where users can choose between English, Spanish, German, French or Dutch in the portal's language settings.

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case studies

Mark Wadsworth is head of gaming platform for one of the largest gaming groups in the world. With rapid growth and multiple product offerings, aligning roadmaps across the organization has become a challenge for different teams. Roadmaps are stored in Jira, wikis or in presentations via email. The company needed a central solution to manage communications, priorities and dependencies. Oh! it allowed the company to easily share roadmaps with everyone and still focus on specific processes within departments. Greater communication and visibility. Teams and roadmaps are now updated in real time.

Luc Van de Vyver is CTO of a Belgian company that offers a digital platform for document management. With the growing number of requests from teams and partners, the company needed to improve its product management process. With Oh! Luc and his team can now capture all requests in one place and sort them based on value and cost. They are now able to take a goal-oriented approach that validates each of their decisions, from prioritizing ideas to implementing features.

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Why choose Aha!?

The robust yet flexible product development software from Aha! offers an integrated set of tools as well as standalone yet scalable offerings, giving companies many options for managing the product development lifecycle. The software and its features allow companies to streamline and centralize their processes to improve product delivery, but with the flexibility to create custom forms to accommodate unique workflows, methodologies and teams.

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company information

Oh! Labs, Inc. is a privately held software company founded in Menlo Park, California, but has since become a fully decentralized company. It was co-founded by Brian de Haaff and Chris Waters in 2013. The company continues its vision of building software built by happy teams and its mission to help teams do their best and be happy. It remains self-funded, highly profitable, fully remote and without a sales force.

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