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Summary: Act I, scene I.

It's in the young people's apartment tomorrow.His small house on the south side of Chicago has two rooms, one forMutterySubatinaand one forpietyyWalter Lee.Travis sleeps in the living room on the sofa.The only window is in your small kitchen and parts and faded.Light humor.You say a check.

Walter scan the newspaper cover and says that another bomb has been put on and Ruth does not answer.The check to invest in a spirits business with some of her friends.Walter and Ruth continue to discuss their unfortunate life, a dialogue that Ruth interrupted, who said to her husband: "Eat your eggs, you will be cold."

Untera then gets up and after he has found that the bathroom is occupied by someone from another family, it is verbally involved in a fair with Walter.This is the payment of the insurance for the death of his father.He brought to work because the money he is gave the rate of his car.

Mom appears and goes directly into a small plant that holds right in front of the kitchen window.She expresses sympathy for her grandson Travis, while Ruth's ability to really take care of him.Once Ruth seems to be on the Walter side.She believes that mom gives her some money, she could restore her happiness and self -confidence that she is two things that Ruth has the feeling that she can no longer make Walter Mama available, as well as, feel more powerful.

Mama and Ruth begin to make fun of the many activities that he tries and gives up, including his last attempt to play the guitar.Man who went under the dating, George Murchison.For the same reason, every additional relationship makes no sense.Since George's family wouldn't approve of it anyway.

Untera makes the mistake of in vain to use the name of the Lord in front of mother, who has another conversation about the provision of God's provision.Untera argues that God does not seem to help her or the family.He confirms that she is that she is the director of the house and that it will not express such thoughts in her house.Suddenly passed out.

Analysis: Act I, Szene I.

All characters inA roisor to the sunKeep the dream of having a house with a terrace, a large car and a happy family.Young people also seem to be a stereotypical family with a medium class.Well, they live in a world in which it is also a dream to be a middle class.

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The breast plant symbolizes its version of this dream because it takes care of it while taking care of his family.She tries to give the plant enough light and water to not only grow, but also to bloom and become beautiful, just like trying to keep your family with a short but consistent financial support.She also imagines a garden that can take care of her dreams with the house.The small plant in a saucepan looks your dream.

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Despite his close life situation and the hard working life you have experienced, it focuses on your dream, which helps him to hold out.It still doesn't matter how much mother works, it is also difficult for her to see her beyond the current situation of your family.

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Untera's dream differs from Mama in many ways in many ways.He had not fully performed in the American cultural landscape when Hansberry wroteA passport in the sun,And Untera seems to be a prototype for the most enthusiastic feminism of sixties and seventieth feminismLeave it in beaverA popular situation comedy at the end of the 1950s in a stereotypical suburban family), but also wants to find their identity and follow an independent career without trusting just one man.

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He even tells Ruth and Mama that he might not be able to marry the opportunity to be amazed because he violates his expectations of a woman.This differs from Ruth or Mama from the attitude of Ruth or Mama can be the result of the age difference between the three women.Mom and below are of course a separate generation, while Ruth takes up a place somewhere in the medium;Hansberry argues that lower Untera is the least traditional women because he is the youngest.

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Walter and Ruth, who demonstrated the average term in relation to the age between mom and Untera, have also alleviated their dreams as the outbreak.Although materialistic dreams of Walter and Ruth House want not only for selfish purposes, but rather as a medium, they don't just want to keep wealth for selfish purposes to keep his family and escape from the southern side in which they live.The tension caused by money problems and virility focuses considerably when Travis asks fifty cents.Father who tries to protect his son's ability to be accepted gives him twice as much as he asks.As a result of Walter, which reflects the stereotypical perception that black people have or inability to overcome problems.

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