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ThoseA pastoror for the sunQuestions for multiple options check only the understanding.Unit test for a solar elevator(Approaching literary elements and contextual knowledge) is also available.

A pastoror for the sunMultiple choice test (act I):

Previous view of Raisin in the Sun you question

A Sun Act I (PDF)

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Resource Download Options:

1)A raisins in the questionnaires for act

10 multiple choice questions for each act.Easy to manage and quickly to write down.Their lessons can be attractive and productive when students read faithfully.

2)A Sun Reading Test in Sun Reading(full game)

Check the understanding with multiple choice questions, short answer questions and a test message.Customize or print the ES.

3)A pastoror for the sunUnderstanding Question Package

Includes multiple choice questionnaires, reading test andDiscussion setsFor each act.

A pass at Sun Multiple Choice Questions - Teachnovels.com (1)

A pastoror for the sunQuestions for Act I:

One passes in the act of the sun, scene 1

1) Young's apartment is better described as ...

A. luxurious but messy.
B. Brief, but clean and tidy.
C. luxurious and impeccable.
D. downstairs and dirty.

2) The relationship between Ruth and Walter is better described as ...

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A. Tense.
B. Amor.
C. Violent.
D. indifferent (they ignore themselves).

3) Ruth and Travis argue why Travis ...

A. omitted the school.
B. He wants his own room.
C. wants some money.
D. keep breaking things.

4) What do Walter want to do with life insurance money?

A. Start a business
B. Buy a new car
C. Change to another city
D. Trick question!It offers no opinion.

5) What below Daeatha wants to do with your future?

A. Make a rich man
B. become a hostess
C. becomes an author
D. becomes a doctor

6) Why does the family have a busy routine (hurried and confused) in the morning?

A. The bus is unpredictable.
B. They must fight (fight) for the use of the bathroom.
C. They never know when it will be called to Walter to work.
D. Mama needs constant attention and assistance.

7) What does the mother do when Bueso doesn't respect her beliefs?

A. She ignores her.
B. She takes her task.
C. It faint (passed out).
D. She is the abatetal.

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8) Below is not seriously the exit with George Murchison because ...

A. Do not share your values.
B. is very old.
C. is very poor.
D. They do not have "the spark".

9) Below practice the religion of ...

A. Buddhism.
B. Christianity.
C. Islam.
D. Trick question!She is not religious.

10) If Mom had the media (opportunity and time), her hobby would be ...

A. singing no choir.
B. Gardening.
C. traveling.
D. Belas Artes (painting, sculpture, etc.)

One passes in Sun Act I, Scene 2

11) What is the youngest family doing at the beginning of act I, scene 2?

A. Game Games
B. Prepare a great meal
C. Learn a new dance
D. Cleaning the apartment

12) The great news from Ruth to the family is that ...

A. She lost her job.
B. She is pregnant.
C. She got a better job.
D. She requested divorce.

13) What present Joseph Asagai traz for Beneatha?

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A. Records (music) and clothes
B. A phone and soft gloves
C. Flores y Chocolates
D. A camera and a movie

14)) Beneatha and Joseph Asagai talk mainly about ...

A. Politics.
B. A class assignment.
C. money and poverty.
D. your relationship.

15) How does the mother react on the arrival of the insurance check?

A. She is happy.
B. She's sad.
C. She is angry.
D. Trick question!The check is not enough.

A pastoror for the sunUnderstanding the test (full game):

Visualization of the Sun Reading Test

A Solar Reading Test (PDF)

Why useA pastoror for the sunSeveral answers questions?

A pass at Sun Multiple Choice Questions - Teachnovels.com (2)

Making students read outside the classroom is essential.

I have tried many different methods over the years, by Lit.Circle of role papers on on -line forums for guided reading questions.In my experience, all these methods resulta lot.Many students look for the questions, copies of classmates and usually do everything possible to avoid reading.

Making students read regularly and independently is essential for achievement.No amount of folding, graphic organizers, exercises or activities will have an impact on the development of language arts and reading regularly.

Case Study: José The Reading Machine

I remember a student who has freed the arts of language.Joseph in silence could not complete any task.But José, an avid reader, pirate my qualification system, gaining more fast reader than I thought was possible.As a result, its average qualification average exceeded 100%.Joseph's companions celebrated the success of their scheme.How could it be annoying when he got the highest score of the school in the standardized test?

(Video) Literature Guides - Adding Good Books to Your Homeschool

You need to know if students are reading to fidelity.

As these questionnaires are simple and quick to process, I can identify who read very easily.He is prepared to participate in the lesson and who is not.

The results also allow me to involve parents objectively."

A pastoror for the sunUnderstanding checks reduce your paper load.

In a practical note, task leaflet rating batteries are not effective time use.It is more important to plan attractive lessons and evaluate more significant tasks.

When a teacher does not completely qualify all homework packages, students perceive very quickly.This inevitably leads students to become a low quality job to be "verified for their conclusion."

Maximize instruction time.

A pastoror for the sunReading the tests do not waste much class.

However, what is even more waste is spending a complete lesson trying to analyze a reading when most students did not read.I prepare to waste the ten minutes for a successful lesson.

You cannot omit the understanding and participate in the analysis.

My reading questionnaires are purely understanding questions.They do not ask about symbolism, figurative language, point of view or structure.I am not evaluating your knowledge of the language arts of previous years (or even today).The student may lose a question because he does not remember what hyperbole is, it is not a reading questionnaire.

Reading questionnaires are a means to an end.Once you make sure that students read the material, we can begin to master the content of language arts.

Establish students for success.

Reading tests should be easy to pass.Students should know that if they really read, they will be successful.To make questionnaires even more "gaining", I usually qualify for nine (or up to eight) instead of ten.A student read, read, read, read, read, read, read a student, read, read a student.I want them to be rewarded with a high score.

A pastoror for the sunThe questionnaires guarantee the commitment.

My students rarely have no losses due to opinions or ideas.They love to give their views.When most of the class really reads, it is surprising how committed they can be about the most trivial questions.Me, even when they do they have no points of participation in the game, they are intrinsically motivated to express their ideas.

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Thanks for the visitA pastoror for the sunMultiple answers questions!

Making it effectiveA pastoror for the sunUnderstanding questions are not difficult and can have a major impact on student performance and commitment.The details of your reading programming are not important.esIt is important that students read regularly.A pastoror for the sunMultiple choice questions allow to maximize student performance.


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